Aliens Group aims to play a significant role in developing Hyderabad’s skyline

Telangana Chief Minister’s plans about developing Hyderabad are being met with a very positive response. CM K. Chandrasekhar Rao recently talked about developing area in and around Hyderabad by incorporating projects worth Rs 21,000 crore. This move has a direct impact on the infrastructure & real-estate sectors and was welcomed by several key players including the Aliens Group – one of the foremost luxury property developers in Hyderabad.


The CM has plans for improving the overall infrastructure including roads which is a key factor for new and upcoming projects. While addressing the national council of Confederation of Indian Industry (CII), CM Rao mentioned that the Greater Hyderabad Municipal Corporation (GHMC ) had prepared plans on the lines of Dallas, US. This includes the plans of creating flyovers and other important structures. He elaborated that a Canadian firm had already conducted a few needed tests and have presented an extensive study in their report.

An official spokesperson from the Aliens Group said, “Hyderabad has the opportunity to be the most advanced city in India. The infrastructure is unparalleled amongst other metros and with development plans being prepared by some of the best firms in the world, the government’s plans can quickly be executed with the right participation from private players. There is a lot of land available with proximity to social infrastructure and well-connected roads. With the right impetus from policy makers, the city is prime for several path-breaking projects to be developed.
Our Hyderabad-based project Aliens Space Station is one of the largest residential projects in South-India and one of the tallest structures in Hyderabad. Our vision has always been to create an iconic project that will be a feather in the cap of the city’s expanding skyline. We are looking forward to making a significant contribution towards developing Hyderabad and Telangana.”



Property development just doesn’t happen. It begins with courage and conviction to challenge the conventional wisdom and balance the same with excellence and expertise.’ – It was this forethought that laid the foundation and genesis of Aliens group. Aliens Group – as different is our name so is our motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to our customers. Something is always ‘Alien’ about us – alien from the conventional mind-set, conventional development and conventional customer practices. As the thought leaders of the ‘Intelligent living’ concept, we apply the new age phenomenon of ‘maximised spaces and minimised hassles’ to satisfy the most conscientious buyers of today’s generation.


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