CMD, Amrapali Group,Mr Anil Sharma thinks time is good for realty

With the verdict on Okhla Bird Sanctuary favoring the real estate around the area, we talk to Mr Anil Sharma, the Chairman &Managing Director(CMD) of Amrapali Group , about his views on the relief this ruling would provide to the real estate lobby around the sanctuary.

  1. Is there any discernible benefit of the verdict concerning construction around the Okhla Bird Sanctuary on the real estate sector?
Anil Sharma CMD Amrapali Group

CMD OF Amrapali Group ,Mr Anil Sharma

 This issue had created a bottle neck for various projects. They were dangling but the verdict now has cleared the air. This has already removed the reluctance that was among the consumers. No customer wanted to deal with a land that is under litigation. Just after the verdict, the response from the consumers has been quite good. The enquiries and office visits have increased enormously.

  1. Rumor has it that Noida has peaked out as an investment option. What do you have to say about this?

Like you yourself mentioned, “rumor has it”. These are pure rumors and are absolutely untrue. Noida is picking up again. The proposed airport at Jewar and the recent verdict on bird sanctuary would be providing the market with the much needed fillip. Noida is becoming a prime investment option once again.

  1. How has NGT’s intervention hampered your business?

 Basically Amrapali had just two projects (Titanium and Crystal Homes) that were located around the bird sanctuary. Rest all our projects are located away from Bird sanctuary and will not impact the environment in any way. So we didn’t have much to worry about.

  1. Would you recommend buyers to invest in Noida now?

 Absolutely! This is a very favorable time for the investors as the investments would be rewarding. The only obstruction that had been affecting consumers’ mind has been resolved. Now there is will be no holding back for them


The beginning of the new millennium witnessed tremendous developments taking place in India that unleashed the latent entrepreneurial energy in various enterprises including construction. One such development was the emergence of the Amrapali Group that started off some 10 years ago under the able guidance of its Chairman & Managing Director Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma, a proud NIT & IIT alumnus. This group is now leading the ranks in the real estate domain and that too in a very short span of time.


5 thoughts on “CMD, Amrapali Group,Mr Anil Sharma thinks time is good for realty”

  1. Raj Trivedi says:

    A big relief for real estate…This issue was a mess for the builders as well as the buyers too.

  2. Amrit Prabhakar says:

    Definitely Okhla verdict is very much beneficial for the property seller and the buyers in Noida.

  3. amar kulkarni says:

    I am
    really happy after the verdict on Okhla Bird Sanctuary it is in favor of
    real estate companies. Now people can stay close to the nature.

  4. Shobhit kapoor says:

    As the CMD of Amarpali Group has given the clarity people can invest in these projects. I am definitely going to book my apartment Amarpali group near Bird Sanctuary.

  5. Roop kumar sharma says:

    Now I don’t think after this verdict anyone have to think twice about investing in Amrapali Group’s new projects. It seems like a dream to have a home near such a beautiful place.

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