CMRS Group hopeful of the Digital India initiative

Prime Minister Narendra Modi’s recent visit to the Silicon Valley in USA has again brought all the lime light to the initiative of ‘Digital India’. Over extended discussions with various eminent personalities in the field of IT, the Indian Prime highlighted the initiative of Digital India. Pegged as one of the ways to development, Digital Revolution in India is the need of the hour. CMRS Group is hopeful that the advent of a digital revolution will have the benefits manifesting across various layers of development.CMRS Properties


Internet and technology, if used optimally, offer myriads of benefits. The digital India will have technology driving the convenience of the people. The underlying idea is to allow people enjoy the advantages of technology at their beck and calls. In India, around 100 million people use internet. This is probably the largest number of people using internet in a country. But then the downside is that there are still one billion people who are oblivious to the effect internet can have on a life. This is the category that needs to be made familiar with internet and technology.

In this line, even Indian Railways will now incorporate digitization. Google has offered India to help make around 400 Indian railway stations WIFI enabled. This WIFI will be open to the public and will be designed to offer high speed connectivity even when used by large number of people simultaneously.

CMRS Properties believes that it is needed for technology giant to play a vital role in order to make internet its allied benefits available to common people. In this regard, Google even has launched low priced smart phones Android One. Such initiatives are much needed in order to expedite development in India. After all, digital literacy will pave the way for a better future.


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