Earth Infrastructures ltd hopeful about lowered bank rates

Earth Infrastructures is providing modern housing solutions which also endorse aspects of nature to its client base since its establishment.

Earth Infrastructures hopeful about lowered bank rates

A few days back HDFC Bank announced a reduction of 0.35 percent on its basis rate which brings it down to 9.35 percent from the earlier rate at 9.7 percent. The drop in rates is in effect since September 1, 2015. The current rate is the lowest in the industry which is equal to the rate of ICICI Bank’s and State Bank of India’s home loans.

Following the path of aforementioned banks, Canara Bank also announced a fall of 0.10 percent which brings down its rates to 9.90 percent from its previous interest rates at 10 percent. Canara Bank has its Head Quarters at Bengaluru.

Axis Bank already reduced its rates by 0.2 to 0.5 percent across numerous maturities. This is an indication of drop in lending rates in coming times.

Real estate leader Earth Infrastructures finds this opportunity worth grabbing and is spreading awareness amongst its customers about the revised rates being offered by various banks. They find this move helpful to gather people’s attention to real estate sector of our country. More and more people are being inclined towards investing their money in the real estate sector. The fall in lending rates of banks is a symbol of decrease in Equated Monthly Installments. This has brought a relief for home buyers as it is going to suit their pockets.

Earth Infrastructures ltd is providing modern housing solutions which also endorse aspects of nature to its client base since its establishment. The company was started five years back on World Earth Day. It is looking at this drop with an optimistic approach as the decreased rates will increase the buying and selling of property in the coming times.

Founded on Earth Day April 22nd 2010 with a vision to become the most innovative and trusted brand in real estate sector by adopting state-of-the-art technologies, global trends and continuous innovation with a dedicated focus to deliver at par with best trends around the globe, Earth Group of Companies today stands tall as one of the fastest emerging key players in the Indian real estate landscape with 50+ offices across the country, 1500+ employees, 15000+ satisfied customers, and 20 million+ sq. ft. space under construction.


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