Gera Development Launches, Gera Trinity Towers

Is luxury defined merely by the constituent elements of your home? Can fine fittings and superlative floorings elevate mediocrity to superiority by their mere presence? Or is luxury something more? A holistic living experience made possible through thoughtful planning and intelligent design.

If you thought luxury was limited by the amenities and specifications contained within your home, think again. Or better still, experience it. At Trinity Towers: a project comprising luxurious 2, 3& 4 BHK residential apartments, that renders the conventional descriptions of luxury passé, with a promise of exclusivity, through spaces that are not just generously sized but thoughtfully planned as well. Rooms that are not merely artfully decorated but also intelligently automated, equipped to illuminate the interiors in tune to your moods, and giving you control over almost every aspect, including the climate!

These luxurious 2, 3& 4 BHK residential apartments not only protect you, they also guard your most treasured possession-your privacy! After all, what’s luxury without privacy? Features like private rooftop cabanas, nestled terraces and discreet entranceways ensure your private moments remain yours alone.

The thoughtful nature of Trinity Towers’ luxury is not limited to the residences.

With a layout oriented to the sun’s path, eight courts gird the complex, each one designed and equipped with the flora, seating and a myriad of other elements for a specific recreation. The Zen Court, for instance, is sited to receive the health-enriching rays of the morning sun and decorated with sculptures that enhance its meditative appeal, making it perfect for a session of yoga or taichi. Whilst the Playpen with its leafy shrubs, flowers and sandpit turns baby-sitting into child’s play.

Trinity Towers, luxurious 2, 3& 4 BHK residential apartments, conceived, designed and developed by Gera Developments, is a distillation of over four decades of real estate innovation. And it carries all the hallmarks that distinguish the company’s philosophy of iQ. The showers that spout a quality of water fit to be drunk, the enormous clubhouse with its diverse entertainment options, the many sports facilities and the all-encompassing security are all facets of a lifestyle that transcends luxury.

Location, as every real estate maven knows, is the key to appreciation, and Trinity Towers promises many lifetimes’ worth, with an address that provides proximity to the best shopping, the trendiest nightlife, the highest quality of education…everything, in short, that you need for complete fulfilment.


Gera Developments is a dedicated end-to-end real estate organization with in-house architects, engineers and construction crew. Our in-house interior design division enables us to design homes according to our customers tastes and preferences. Gera Developments has extended benchmarks in the real estate realm with their constant innovation techniques which are way ahead of time – be it India’s first developer to offer a 5 year warranty (since 2004) or India’s first Child Centric project or Pune’s first intelligent building. Bringing together intelligence and care, Gera hasn’t just created living spaces, but rendered a distinct purpose and beauty to the space around us.


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