Kumar Builders consulting HRC specialist, Surmount Energy

High Rise Clearance has number of natural conditions that need to consider various green investigations. Land engineers are counseling such HRC experts for their leeway of the same.

Surmount Energy is that famous name among land engineers which works like their right hand as it gives ability as HRC Consultants for constructions of high buildings in Greater Mumbai. Those structures which are more than 20 stories in stature need uncommon supports of these kinds.

Kumar Urban Development Limited (some time ago known as Kumar Builders) has chosen Surmount Energy for its HRC accreditation for one of its future private activities, KUL Elixir, Lokhandwala.

Surmount Energy gives investigations to HRC along with its consultancy. It keeps the case before HRC board of trustees and reacts to inquiries according to the necessities. So far Surmount has managed more than 30 skyscraper ventures like this. It is likewise supporting numerous ventures with respect to the same at this moment.

Kumar Builders, a.ka. KUL Elixir is a residential project located in Lokhandwala, Andheri West which is an important location in Mumbai. Being developed and constructed by Kumar Urban Development Limited, It comprises of well planned, well designed 2,3and 4 BHK residential living spaces.

Surmount will be handling all aspects of the project certification including the facilitation, documentation and building performance analytics needed for the targeted HRC certification.


Kumar Builders has donned a whole new identity, and this has marked our transformation to Kumar Urban Development Ltd (KUL). This change from Kumar Builders to KUL has heralded a brand new era in our corporate existence, even as we strive to retain our core values and philosophies. We continue to builder bigger, better projects that are poised to become landmarks in Pune real estate and beyond. Customers continue to place their trust in us, and our stake holders continue to drive our growth with their confidence in us.

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