Lavisa Infrastructures spreads awareness about dengue prevention

As dengue has taken a toll on the entire city, many organizations are coming up with their umbrella points to help people combat the deadly disease. They are also helping people fight and manage their expenses. Lavisa Infrastructures has recently given its guidelines to people to avoid dengue incidence.

Swaaraj Sinha, chairman and managing director of Lavisa Infrastructures said, “We are really disheartened to see dengue which has become like an epidemic  this year. The disease has already taken a big number of lives and we all need to take ample precautions to avoid being harmed.Lavisa Infrastructures is running an awareness campaign through online platforms making people aware of how they can protect themselves.”

Lavisa Infrastructures has emphasized on various means to prevent oneself from dengue. The list includes pointers like cleaning out empty flower pots and not watering potted plants. Lavisa has also emphasized on turning over empty pails and buckets to avoid excess water collection.

Mr. Sinha also talked briefly about what their campaign focuses on. He said, “We may apply mosquito repellants on exposed areas during both day and night. One should take special care if someone in their home is already suffering from dengue. You should try to not let the mosquitoes bite them or anyone else in the house.”

Lavisa Infrastructures campaign is anticipating heavy response as more and more people are getting inspired from PM Modi and are going digital. The company is looking forward to making a difference for the lives which are in danger of dengue.


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  • Vandana Mukherjee

    dengue is showing its worst effect…everybody should join hands to eradicate out from its roots..nice job lavisa infrastructures…

  • vaibhav kaushal

    is very dangers for everyone who suffering from the dengue they know the pain
    of this DISEASE. Lavisa infrastructures are doing a great work. Lavisa Infrastructures spreads awareness
    about dengue prevention. They are doing great work in favor in humanity. God
    bless you lavisa infrastructures you are fab who doing a great work for

  • vaishnavi mukharji

    Lavisa infrastructures you are really very good who doing this work. Dengue (The
    painful disease) is very dangerous for everyone. Everyone should have aware
    about this disease.

  • vidya kumawat

    I want to say something about dengue… dengue
    is a flu-like disease caused by any one of four closely related types of
    dengue viruses carried primarily by female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes, usually
    found in the tropics and subtropics. In the more northern regions, the
    disease is transmitted by the Aedes albopictus, which can withstand cooler
    temperatures. Humans can’t infect each other — but they can infect
    mosquitoes, which pass the virus on both to their female offspring and to
    human bite victims. Lavisa infrastructures keep doing good work for everyone.

  • subhash

    Keep it up do your best lavisa infrastructures. This is a kind work for humanity.

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