The realty market is soaring in Hyderabad because of non-local realtors: Aliens Group

A ray of hope has started emerging in the real estate industry of South India witlogo of aliens grouph the renewed interest from real estate developers outside the periphery of Hyderabad. These realty players find the land rates comparatively cheaper here.
The experts at Aliens Group agree with the fact that investors based out of the city are proving beneficial in soaring the realty condition in Hyderabad. The city-based land developer, Aliens Group reviews the market condition of past decade and compared the same along with analysing the current situation to come to this conclusion.
The official spokesperson of Aliens Group said, “The moment these real estate developers based out of Hyderabad started entering the city, we realised that it is the time of improvements in the sector. The non-local developers always wished to explore the Hyderabad realty, the reason being the state-of-the-art infrastructure facilities and fortune 500 companies entering the city but couldn’t proceed with the state due to political disturbance here. Now its clearance is boosting the other land developers’ interest towards the capital city.”
He further added, “A huge number of non-local property developers prefer joint development pacts with the land owners, where a mere percentage of 25% goes for the land purchase decision. Many realty experts have already entered the Hyderabad market through joint development agreements.”
On the other hand, there is no lack of land developers who are based in Hyderabad and put their investments on hold in the city and diversifying in rest of the state. It subsequently leads to shifting the investors’ interest. And the realty condition in Chennai and Bengaluru is quite unfavorable
for real estate developers based out of Hyderabad. In that case, the city is attracting their interests towards its cheap offers, which is a win-win for realty players and the city.



Property development just doesn’t happen. It begins with courage and conviction to challenge the conventional wisdom and balance the same with excellence and expertise.’ – It was this forethought that laid the foundation and genesis of Aliens group. Aliens Group – as different is our name so is our motto of providing ‘intelligent living’ alternatives to our customers. Something is always ‘Alien’ about us – alien from the conventional mind-set, conventional development and conventional customer practices. As the thought leaders of the ‘Intelligent living’ concept, we apply the new age phenomenon of ‘maximised spaces and minimised hassles’ to satisfy the most conscientious buyers of today’s generation.


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  • Raj Reddy

    Hilarious. Aliens talking about real estate. Biggest jokers in this industry. Well, good thing is new builders can learn how not to execute projects like Aliens Group do. A decade old venture still making 10 % progress.shameless people..for facts check @AliensFraud Twitter handle and check number of consumers who dragged them to court. Jai Hind, Jai Telangana

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