Shukaku Inc- Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Appeals to NGOs no to take Boeung Kak Activists as Hostage

Phnom Penh Municipal Governor Pa SocheatVong has appealed to non-governmental organizations to “release” Boeung Kak and BoreyKeila activists and stop taking them as “hostage”.

Boeung Kak and BoreyKeila land activists and NGOs have been involved in the protests against the government. Their actions are illegal and could get them into trouble.

SocheatVong mentioned this when he attended the inauguration ceremony of a school building in KeinKlaing Primary School, and KienKlaingPagodo at SangkatChroyChangvar.

The Municipal Governor added that activists can stage the protest for whatever reason although the Boeung Kak case is close to being completely solved. “The people got their compensation. Now they’re protesting again after being instigated by outsiders (NGOs) because they’re not happy with the government, even though they realized that their actions are illegal.”

He appeals to the NGOs to stop inciting the communities to protest, release them and don’t hold them as their hostage anymore. He said he will not let these NGOs to incite insecurities and provoke to create disorder in the capital

This is a first warning from Phnom Penh Municipal authorities to non-governmental organizations that have got involved in and taken advantages from the protests while only 6 families remained unsolved so far.

SocheatVong said that the Boeung Kak and BoreyKeilaactivitis have protested with the advice of the NGOs who also guided them as activists with the promise of money. The more they protest the more money they get. He warned them their illegal actions can land them in jail.

The municipal governor added that royal government of Cambodia and the armed forces have exerted hard-work and lots of efforts to maintain the security and peace for the sake of development of our nation. “We will not allow some non-governmental organizations to make trouble and provoke insecurity in our society. It is because of such kind of actions are unacceptable”, said Mr. Socheat

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