Social Media turns out to be a big help during Chennai Floods, says Real Value Promoters

Chennai floods

Social Media, which is much criticized by the elders and termed as a ‘waste of time’, turned out to be the trump card in helping people while battling from Chennai floods. V.S Suresh of Real Value Promoters said that through social media platforms like Twitter and facebook, rescue operations have become more effective. Youngsters have been using these media platforms to share information with people about the status of relief operations, intensity of waterloggings in various corners of the state, aids and helps needed to provide help to people and weather situations. is a Google spreadsheet maintained and regularly updated, listing helpline numbers, aid offers and requests, rescue requests, volunteer details and accommodation details. This sheet is been rapidly shared among people in order to apprise them of the information. Hashtags including #chennairains, #chennaivolunteer, #chennairescue and #chennairainshelp have been doing the rounds, garnering attention of millions of people.

Help has arisen from every source possible. Guys maintaining Chennai Memes facebook page have subsided their humorous side, donning different hats to help streamline the rescue operations. They have been sharing information about stranded residents and weather and news updates. One of them said, “We’ve helped many people find shelter or contact their loved ones. We also managed to get resources and volunteers for NGOs and other good Samaritans who are mobilizing help.”

Real Value Promoters says that many rescue efforts are thriving solely through facebook posts and tweets calling out for help. An NGO said, “The internet is our lifeline now. The need of the hour is to gather help from people who own vehicles that can maneuver their way through difficult terrain. But for people who are unable to leave their homes and are still keen on helping, we are trying to be an info hub.”



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