Urbanization is an essential part of most nations’ – Navin Raheja

Assocham organized a conference on Policy Perspective and Capacity Building for Economically Sustainable City Development at Taj Mansingh, New Delhi. The conference was chaired by Mr. Navin M Raheja, Chairman, Real Estate Committee, Assocham. Shri Manish Sisodia, Deputy Chief Minister, Government of NCT of Delhi was the chief guest. The Key Issues that were discussed included Policy Framework for creating an economically sustainable urban model for Cities, Capacity building for urban officials, Planning for social development, Role of Real estate investment trusts and infrastructure investment trusts in financing of cities and Enabling efficient urban infrastructure.

Speaking at the occasion Mr. Raheja said that cities play an important role in economic development. Urbanization is an essential part of most nations’ development towards a stronger and more stable economy while economic growth and urbanization have often been found positively linked. Cities provide economies of scale, agglomeration, and localization; efficient infrastructure and services through density and concentration in transportation, communications, power, human interactions, water and sanitation services. As rapid urbanization puts pressure on infrastructure systems like water supply, transports etc., therefore to cope with the malaise of urbanization, the local government has to develop and strengthen urban infrastructure/service delivery mechanism besides improving governance of ULBs. Because of numerous problems afflicting the ULBs, the task of providing basic services to all citizens on a sustainable basis and resolving problems effectively as & when they arise and planning for future development remains a herculean task for them.

He also gave suggestions on how to make self sustained environment around you by doing small changes and compulsorily implementing them. He stressed upon the need to generate more solar energy through use of solar panels, how to increase tourism in Delhi, PPP model to be adopted for slum rehabilitation projects in the country in order to give systematic planned societies.

Mr. Sisodia welcomed all the suggestions and said that his Government would look into all these suggestions and would work out what’s best for the betterment of every single citizen of Delhi. He showed his enthusiasm in implementing what is best for the society.


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