Make this Diwali special with these exclusive shopping offers

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Keeping up with its history of organizing various riveting contests, Haldirams Nagpur, one of the leading manufacturers of Indian snacks and sweets has come up with yet another exciting offer for its valuable customers this Diwali special season. The company is gifting a FREE DIYA with every order placed on the official website- There is no minimum order value for the offer. The campaign will start on the official facebook fan page of Haldirams from October 12, 2016.
Diyas hold great significance in the festival of Diwali and adorn all the corners of the house. They add fervor and color to the festive spirit of Diwali. The festival is incomplete without diyas which create an aura of energy and positivity in your home. They are lighted once in the morning and in the evening which signifies the submission of one’s soul to the divine power.
Diwali is undoubtedly the brightest of all Hindu festivals. Dipped in the hues of cheerfulness, fervor and joviality, the festival commemorates the victory of good over evil and light over darkness. The day marks the homecoming of Lord Rama from his 14 years of exile. It is celebrated in the month of Kartik with unparalleled zeal and enthusiasm. The way Lord Rama returned after defeating Ravana, the incarnation of evil, symbolizes the eternal victory of righteousness over a sinful life.
Talking about the offer, the official spokesperson of Haldirams stated, “The celebrations of Diwali have begun and mark the beginning of the most festive season in our country. Such offers on such ebullient occasions add to its festivity and joviality. The spirit of happiness associated with such exclusive offers makes us resolute about offering them to the customers on every special occasion.”

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4 thoughts on “Make this Diwali special with these exclusive shopping offers”

  1. Suchi Pandey says:

    I just love this company for its amazing offers. It never fails to surprise me and make me happy. I’ve won various contests and availed lucrative offers a number of times. The prizes offered can never disappoint you for sure. This time a diya and mango halwa are being gifted in the diwali shopping offer. The company is quite innovative when it comes to offering prizes and gift hampers to the customers. They are apt for the occasion and unique in their own ways.

  2. Amie Mathew says:

    I knew Haldirams would come up something interesting this diwali season as well. I’ve won a number of gift hampers in the shopping offers of this company.

  3. Rizwana says:

    Wow quite impressive…

  4. Ayushi says:

    When it comes to the taste and quality of food, Haldirams is the best. It is a perfect place for dine-in. The level of hygiene maintained is quite good too. The south Indian food served here is a must try. You’ll love it for sure.

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