Malala Apple partnership will help 1, 00,000 girls of India and Latin America

The power of education has got the wings to change the outlook of the world. Malala Yousufzai, a Pakistan student and an education activist who began speaking out for girls’ education at tender age of 11, is an inspiration to many. Malala after surviving an assassination by the Taliban at 15, co-founded organization with her father, in support of women education. Today, it is duly credited for helping girls and has successfully implement its initiative of 12 years of free, safe quality education.

Malala Apple partnership

Recently, Apple and Malala Fund announced that Apple will become the fund’s first Laureate partner, enabling a major expansion of Malala’s effort to support her initiative. Besides, with the tech-giants support, the organization expects to double the number of grants awarded by its Gulmakai network. Further extending funding programs to India and Latin America with the initial opportunities to more than 1, 00,000 girls.

“We believe that education is a great equalizing force, and we share Malala Fund’s commitment to give every girl an opportunity to go to school,” said Tim Cook. Malala is a courageous advocate for equality. She’s one of the most inspiring figures of our time, and we are honored to help her extend the important work she is doing to empower girls around the world.”

In addition, the company will also scale Malala Fund by assisting with technology, curriculum and research policy amendments. Interestingly, Apple with their vision have thus far empowered the world with motive behind the power of education and hopefully, would continue to do the same, feels Malala Yousafzai.

Indeed, a big step taken by the tech-giant could paveway for the next Malala. A girl we can proudly say is a visionary who has done wonders with her work. Furthermore, what makes this girl an influence is her zeal to not give up, and this tie-up brings forward the much needed hope for a better world.

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