MD of Woodpecker Furniture believes relationships are importance in career-making

Woodpecker FurnitureMr. Swaminathan belongs to a middle-class family who became the Marketing Director at the age of just 24. After starting his career as a medical representative in the Fortune 500 Medicine Company, spending almost 2 decades in TATA and ending the motto to serve others when he was the Marketing Director at Taiwanese company in Indonesia, the man founded Woodpecker Furniture and became its Managing Director.

The go-getter attitude of Mr Swaminathan encourages young enthusiasts to achieve all the things in their lives that Mr Swaminathan has been able to. The man stays focused on his long-term and short-term goals.

He focuses on the value of relationship in life and how it helped him in his career. He is an assiduous worker and believes that there is no substitute for hardwork. He also threw light on the changes happening in our lives today, and explained why we should accept changes. Change helps us to grow as a person. He believes that one should always be in transition phase and come out of one’s comfort zone to grow. Few of his life changing beliefs are: “Hardwork can do all the undo”, “Always be in Transition”, “Sacrifice short term pain for long term gain”, “Change is only constant”, “No pain- No gain”. He is a fan of Steve Jobs, founder of Apple computer, and mentioned Steve Jobs’ famous words –“Stay hungry. Stay foolish”.

He stresses on the importance of health and shared how he maintains fit with mediation and jogging. He has built his life on the foundation of positive energy and showed us how we can be positive in life by avoiding BECC (Blaming, Excuse, Criticism and Complain) and by accepting RSGA (Responsibility, Solution, Appreciation and Gratitude). He explains the importance of team work in success and gave a fantastic elaboration of TEAM – Together Everyone Achieves More. One of the strongest pillars of his success is ‘Ethics’ and he advises others to maintain a high standard of ethics and self-esteem in both personal life and professional life.


During the pre-BPO years, when flats were not sold at multi-storied rates Chennai furniture market was dominated by only few professional players. They played the market with their fancy rates, tall promises and without professional service back-up. Moreover the average customer was forced to choose his furniture from the limited choice offered and with the fancy price tag.

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