Modesty of Sergio Machado

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Sergio Machado was the man who revived Brazilian Shipping Industry. But for the fellow politicians and colleagues, he was the ‘modest President’.  A man who all through his life worked for the people of Brazil, luxury for himself was the largest thing he wanted. He always focused on projects at hands and their proper execution. His was a vision that wanted to make Brazil one of the finest nations in the world.

Sergio Machado once said, “Because we sometimes think, Minister can do something without having project. And one of the great dilemmas of every government is when you come to the power and do not have any design and you have to spend one or two years formulating projects. And so, for 2 years, the country does not have continuity, has no direction, no strategic goal and that is the scenario where a country is pushed back by several years. I like those people who are always thinking about their next step.”

Sergio Machado continued, “I wanted to greet the mayor of Araçatuba, Cido Seriously, with the enthusiasm that he has. Look at the satisfaction I felt when I saw you walking down the street, you speaking of your projects.”

A stout believer of the fact that women were no less talented than men in any way; he made his views public when he appreciated the work of first Cidinha Lady. “I would like to welcome the first Cidinha. We are in week celebrating the International Women’s Day, to say that the world has lost for a long time, with this gender discrimination, fundamental talent who could have done much better world. But, Brazil, as a country, has always valued women. Recently, we named the first commander of the Merchant Navy of Brazil, Transpetro appointed and we’re taking advantage of that talent that was wasted by macho issues and it is not part of world today. What we want is merit, competence is because that you need.” said Sergio Machado when he was the President of Transpetro.


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