Mystic hopeful with Henkel’s Shaping Futures initiative


With the developments happening in the hair care industry and increasing awareness of people about hair care products, Mystic by Thermo Group is hopeful about the future of the industry. Recently, Henkel Argentina presented the local edition of its global Shaping Futures initiative which aimed at training people in hairdressing. The program was organized in collaboration with hair care brand Schwarzkopf Professional. Mystic believes that such programs are immensely helping the industry create awareness and helping people take care of their hair in an enhanced and a healthy way.

The initiative by Henkel began at a small scale in Mar del Plata as a hairdressing course in which 18 people participated from the SOS children and ACP hairdressing school. The training trained participants in techniques of cutting, styling, color and form. After training for seven months, participants were allowed to work in the field on their own.

Menahem Michel Edery, owner of Thermo Group, said, “The program Shaping Futures by Henkel Argentina is an example that has been set for the industry as the right training is the most essential step that will lead to enhanced hair care. Their development in the cause is noteworthy and inspiring.”

Shaping Futures had a humble beginning in 2008 as a Japanese local project with Cambodian children living in the streets. The initiative was expanded only when Henkel through its brand Schwarzkopf Professional joined and expanded the program to all regions in 2010, making it a global initiative.

The program is a part of Social Progress Global Henkel Sustainability Strategy 2030 and has also joined other programs such as ‘Henkel Sustainability Club’ which works to connect the Company and community towards sustainable approach to environment.

“We are very proud to have brought to Argentina this initiative which has already developed in several countries where Schwarzkopf Professional is present and has allowed us to transfer our knowledge and experience in styling, coloring and hair care to help people train, so they can access a job and build a better future” said Gustavo Di Biassi, Country Manager of Schwarzkopf Professional in Argentina.


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