National NGO ‘Empower’ successfully starts its 2nd batch

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National Organization for Social Empowerment has successfully started the 2nd batch of its project ‘Empower’. The project that was initiated to facilitate learning among differently-abled students has become a great success and is drawing much of appreciation from people. The training centre that had been established under this initiative in Vijay Nagar, New Delhi is registering more number of such differently abled students who want to unravel their underlying potential .The centre extends its emphasis on imparting computer related proficiency combined with a deep focus on communication and soft skills to keep its students at par with this competitive world.

Founder of the National NGO, Amandeep Singh expressed his joy,” We are extremely grateful to almighty and all those people who made this initiative a success. Through this project, we aim to explore the latent potential of these amazingly talented differently abled students. They are in no way different than other students. They possess a sharp mind combined with a will power and perseverance that is unparalleled. It always used to grieve my heart how they were subjected to a desolated life. But the fact is that they too deserve every opportunity that a normal student is given. Rather, they deserve it more because they earn their way up the ladder and not take hand outs. It’s our moral duty to give them a platform where they can delve deeper into their recess and evolve to face the world. Give them a little encouragement and they would never cease to surprise you.”

One of its teachers is of the opinion, “Our achievements are a result of the dedication and hard work of our students. Teachers can only teach them so much, after that, it’s up to them to grasp it and utilize it to their advantage. Exposure to technology and development of decent communication skills has raised their confidence. The previous batch passed out successfully and 5 visually- impaired students of that batch have already been placed. This is a big achievement for the entire humanity.”

This noble initiative has been well received by many teachers who have volunteered to make their contribution to this cause.

About National NGO

National NGO , established in Feb 2012 is one of the well know “non-governmental organization” in India, which offer services for children with impairments.. The main objective of the National NGO is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management.

National Organisation for Social Empowerment
TA – 204, 1st Floor, Ravidas Marg,
Tughlakabad Extension,
New Delhi- 110019
Phone: 011-64655253

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