National NGO organizes White Cane Day Walk on Oct 15th

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National Organization for Social Empowerment and Save The Quest NGO are observing a White Cane Day Walk as a tribute to the visually impaired people. The aim of this walk-a-thon is to sensitize people towards visual impairment. The event will also celebrate the achievements of the visually disabled people.

Amandeep Singh, Founder, National NGO said, “ White Cane Day Walk is done in a good spirit. It is to show our support to the visually disabled people. These are the people who display valor all throughout their life. They may not have eyesight but they still have a vision. It is this vision that keeps them alive and makes them strong. They deserve all the respect in the world. National NGO supports such strength.”

Every year on 15th of October since 1964, United States of America has been observing the White Cane Day Walk. A white cane is symbolic of independence for these people; hence the name White Cane Day Walk. Saif Ahmad Khan, Chairman, Save the Quest, said, “The White Cane Day Walk is a tribute from STQ and National NGO to the visually disabled people. They are a source of inspiration for everybody. Through the walk, we also want to sensitize the youth of the country towards visual impairment.”

The walk-a-thon was first started in 2013 which saw participation from above 500 students. Then in 2014, around 1000 students participated in this walk and over one lakh people were associated with the drive through various social media platforms like facebook, twitter and many more. This year, the participation is expected to grow even bigger.

The walk will take place on 15th of October 2015, starting from 9 a.m. from SRCC, University of Delhi, North Campus.

About National Ngo

National NGO is a registered non profit, non government organization working extensively in the field of disability rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facilities to people suffering from such disease.

The main objective of the National Organisation for Social Empowerment is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.

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