Naturopathy Doctor Urvashi Gandhi meets Sri Sri Ravi Shankar this Yoga Day

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The red-letter day in history, when Rajpath turned into a Yogpath, International Yoga Day’15 has marked a reawakening to Yoga in Indian History. Feeling the pomp and show of the occasion, naturopath Dr. Urvashi Gandhi visited the International Center of the Art of Living (AOL) in Bangalore. As the center has an Ayurvedic Spa and Yoga Center, Panchakarma, the International Center of AOL is an apt location to spend the day.

Urvashi Gandhi had the honour of meeting Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living, commonly referred to with love as Guru ji. Urvashi’s association with naturopathy and her career into it was really appreciated by Sri Sri Ravi Shankar and he referred her to Panchakarma, the Ayurveda Center in the International Center of AOL, and the Sri Sri College Of Ayurvedic Science & Research Hospital Which is one one the largest ayurvedic hospitals in the world, where an entire section is dedicated to naturopathic treatments.

After her meeting with Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Urvashi said, “I felt very peaceful and overwhelmed as I could feel the positivity surrounding me. On being introduced to Guru ji as a doctor of naturopathy, he seemed very happy and blessed me”.

The yogic practices followed in the campus are devised by Guru ji, the primary being Sudarshan Kriya. Sudarshan Kriya and other accompanying practices are time-honoring stress management techniques and their benefits are being established by various medical institutes like AIIMS (New Delhi) and Harvard (USA). Urvashi visited the hospital and is planning to volunteer there as a doctor soon.

On this Yoga Day, Urvashi also elaborated on Sudarshan Kriya and its various benefits through her blogs. She has been visiting various NGOs and propogating The benefits of learning and practicing sudarshan kriya to many.

The kriya’s most important benefit being reduced stress levels, other benefits also play significant in enhancing one’s body system. It helps support the immune system, increases optimism, relieves depression, increases anti-oxidant protection and boosts brain function.

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  1. neha says:

    Sri Sri Ravi Shankar, Founder of the Art of Living is a inspirational personality as his aura only brings out positivity and peace …

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