Navratri celebrated at NIMS with a 3-day event

Navratri marked a celebratory mood throughout the country and schools and universities did not hesitate to celebrate the days as a grand festival. NIMS University celebrated the holy festival by organizing a long three-day event which was inaugurated by Prof. (Dr.) Balbir Singh Tomar on 19th October and ran till 21st October.

Also the chairman at NIMS, Dr. Balbir Singh Tomar inaugurated the event by following the ritual of ‘Deep Yagya’ or lamp enlightenment in NIMS temple in the university premises. The second day also began on the same note when Dr. Balbir lighted the diyas while auspicious mantras were chanted by the students.

The ‘jagran’ of goddess Durga was organized on the second day of the celebration. Dr. Balbir said, “Jagran of the holy goddess Durga enlightens the environment. I am really happy that NIMS University is able to provide a holistic education to students which emphasizes on inner strength and godliness as much as we focus on their academic careers.”

Addressing the students Prof. Tomar said, “These nine days are like giving enlightenment, enrichment and energy to the soul. It’s a festivity which helps to calm one’s mind and it’s also like giving victory to the big mind. It’s a sense of complete acceptance of the self.”
The final day of the celebration was marked by merry making as the night was dedicated to a country’s indigenous dance form – ‘Dandiya’. A student at NIMS University said, “The night was filled with positivity; ecstasy of rhythm, happiness and joy; and above all a calm and serenity that comes along with devotion to goddess Durga”

Dr. Balbir also counseled students on letting go off the 10 evil qualities of Lust, Greed, Anger, Attachment, Pride, Jealousy, Selfishness, Injustice, Cruelty and Ego.

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3 thoughts on “Navratri celebrated at NIMS with a 3-day event”

  1. Shefali Nangia says:

    It becomes a tradition in NIMS to celebrate each and every festival with enthuthiasm and especially the festival of navratri.

  2. Antriksa Jaganarayan says:

    Yes i remember……..It was 2-3 months back when the university celebrated the festival and the whole credit goes to our faculty members especially our mentor ,our chairman dr. Balbir singh tomar. He is the man behind the success.

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