Neptune Developers supports the protest against widespread corruption in the Government sector

The real estate developers and brokerage firms protested against the fluctuations in policies and rampant corruption practices in the government sector on 3rd May. The entire realty sector was in lockdown mode and all the renowned builders, architects and realty developers collected at Azad Maidan to raise their voice against the prevailing issues in the government.

Neptune Developers supported the cause of the protest as it will encourage more fair and transparent working on the part of government. The official spokesperson of Neptune Group said, “With the increasing amendments in policy rules & regulations and excessive cash demands by the government, it is crucial to ensure appropriate measures against such unjust and exorbitant policies.”

In the words of Ajay Ashar, a developer from Thane, “This is just the beginning. We are not against any individual but our protest is against the system. Rules are being changed at a drop of a hat. A new policy is introduced out of the blue for high-ise buildings, new environment rules and permissions are sought when the project is halfway through. It is difficult to work in such an environment,”

No business transactions were carried out by the builders on 3rd May as a part of the protest. “No sales queries will be entertained. No property documents will be registered from April 25 to May 6 in the entire Mumbai Metropolitan Region. All architects and liaison staff have been directed against visiting any government or corporation office on May 3. Moreover, for two consecutive weekends (April 28 and May 6), all promotional activities such as advertisements or press statements will be stopped.” said a prominent builder.

According to a realty builder, “Frequent policy shifts, bureaucratic delays in clearing projects and unreasonable demands for bribes are affecting business. This directly affects the end consumer who has to bear the costs of such an inept and corrupt system. The slump in property market and the high realty rates in Mumbai, Thane, Navi Mumbai and Raigad are only because of the policy paralysis at the government level,”

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