Neptune Group brought smiles back at Thana Mental Hospital

There is nothing more peaceful than making someone happy. Happiness here has got nothing to do with money or any materialistic assistance. It is all about the intentions. A very small gesture can also go a long way making someone happy. You just have to have the right sentiment backing up the gesture. Fortunate are the ones who have a sound mind in a sound body. But not everyone is alike. There are a few people who are a little different. But does not mean they aren’t fortunate. They are all humans at the end of the day with a heart pushing blood through the body. So, they too deserve to be happy. Neptune foundation, an initiative by Neptune Group has made a small contribution towards making differently-abled people happy at the Regional Thana Mental Hospital, Thane(west),Maharashtra. Bollywood comedy movie ‘Golmaal returns’ was premiered at the hospital on 5th of August at 3 pm. This event was aimed at making the patients relax and smile. After all, laughter is the best therapy.

“This film show was attended by all the patients and attendants. The film that was a great bollywood success was loved by all the patients. Most of them laughed their wits out where as rest had a constant smile on their faces. Although the patients in Thana Mental Hospital are provided with various recreational facilities, yet a film premiere was new for the inmates. Neptune Foundation has a firm resolve towards making people’s lives better. This film show was a small step in that line”, said NayanBheda, the trustee of Neptune Foundation.



Neptune Foundation is a trust established under the Neptune Group, we have taken the initiative to bring unprivileged children, elderly, mentally ill destitute and needy people in rural areas under one roof so as to cater to their basic needs. The response that Neptune Foundation has received has been overwhelming and has given us the impetus to grow further.

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2 thoughts on “Neptune Group brought smiles back at Thana Mental Hospital”

  1. Roshini mishra says:

    Great work Neptune group, its a great way of bringing smiles on mentally people faces.

  2. Raunak Thakur says:

    Really a great initiative taken by Neptune Group, their work is really appreciable. If all others like Neptune Group will come forward to help these helpless people then we’ll surely able to discover a new nation with great unity. Their this step had not only brought happiness on their face but by seing them like this their family got the depth satisfaction for which they were looking from a long time.

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