Neptune Group Sponsors Education For 56 Kids

Neptune Group in alliance with Environmental Medical Association is sponsoring the school education fees for 56 students. These students belong to the economically weaker section. This has been done with a view to facilitate education among students. An event was conducted by Neptune Foundation trust of Neptune Group in which 56 students along with their parents were present. The students were provided with cheques amounting to the kid’s school fees.

Nayan Bheda, Founder, Neptune Foundation said,” There is so much of disparity in the world. The lives of poor people aren’t a cake walk. There are hurdles all through the way. The kids are the ones to suffer the most. Their childhood changes; suddenly they become all so big and responsible, trying to fend for themselves. And in this bid, they are forced to work at petty shops doing odd jobs or worse, they take to begging. Their only way to climb out of this abysmal state is through education. This is their only ticket to change their lives forever. And if money poses a problem for these kids in getting themselves educated, then it becomes our responsibility to assist them. What we are doing here is a tiny bit and more needs to be done.”

One of the parents at the event said, “We are extremely grateful to the Neptune Foundation. Thanks to them, our daughter can now go to a good school and become a good person. We had lost all hopes. We thought our kids would also remain uneducated like us but Neptune Group has come to our rescue. I am happy that so many children will be benefitted from this initiative. Education is the route to a better life in this world. We are extremely thankful for this gesture.”


Neptune Foundation is a trust established under the Neptune Group, we have taken the initiative to bring unprivileged children, elderly, mentally ill destitute and needy people in rural areas under one roof so as to cater to their basic needs. The response that Neptune Foundation has received has been overwhelming and has given us the impetus to grow further.


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15 thoughts on “Neptune Group Sponsors Education For 56 Kids”

  1. Neha Dubey says:

    Sponsoring education for 56 students it’s really a great step by Neptune Group. Keep it up guys.

  2. Deeksha Mehta says:

    Great article & really the work done by Neptune Group is really appraisable & right said that to climb out of such abysmal state is through education only.

  3. lokesh sharma says:

    It is really a noble cause to help the underprivileged children in their education.
    Hats off to nayan bheda, founder of this foundation, who is dedicated towards
    social empowerment.

  4. abhishek kumar says:

    verygood job done by neptune foundations. I really appreciate the efforts made by
    their whole team. Keep doing good work like this in future.

  5. nitin naik says:

    its good to see that neptune developers is sponsoring school fees for 56 students. This is really beneficial for the students who want to study but not able to go to school due to financial reasons. Good job neptune developers!

  6. Nitish says:

    Group is a Trusted Builder and builds quality apartments with prominent
    services. Neptune Group not only builds the quality Houses but also believes
    in social work. Neptune Group has a
    Foundation trust, and this Foundation conducted several events for social
    welfare. Neptune group sponsored a event in which they gave cheque amounting
    to the kid’s School fees. Neptune Foundation want to give basic
    education to the weaker section.

  7. Sidhharth says:

    I really
    appreciate their work and efforts that they support education and provide financial help to the
    students of weaker section. Neptune Group really helps a lot in this matter.

  8. dheeraj verma says:

    in country like india, more and more foundations need to come forwards to promote education at weaker section of the society in order to make india a developed country.

  9. karan acharya says:

    love to be associated with neptune developers. Along with being a reliable developers they are also very supportive and they think about the career of the underprivileged children.

  10. mahesh prajapati says:

    reading this Article I felt that neptune group is doing good work in its
    field as well as socially and I respect their efforts. They became the reason
    of many smiles. Parents and students are very greatful to them. Keep doing
    for the noble cause.

  11. gurubaksh singh says:

    They did
    a great job. Neptune Foundation helped the needy students and provided them
    financial support that in turn, gave them a motivation to learn more.

  12. vijay sharma says:

    it is a praiseworthy stand taken by neptune foundation. The main aim of this foundation has been to facilitate better life to the society.

  13. tarun kumar says:

    hats off to neptune foundations which is working for the betterment of the society. I think in india more foundations should take step forward to make india a developed country.

  14. manish verma says:

    families who are being benefitted by this noble cause will always be thankful to the neptune foundations. Keep doing good work neptune foundations.

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