National NGO helping the victims of Nepal earthquakes

National NGO is the name which gathered a great deal of consideration as of late for helping the victims of Nepal Earthquakes. The NGO is otherwise called National Organization for Social Empowerment which works with the vision of ‘inclusiveness’. Education, Empowerment, Healthcare, social rehabilitation have been the social intervention domains of National NGO.

With the assistance of Nepal Embassy, National NGO has been able to help various Nepal Earthquakes’ victims in their restoration. Second Secretary of Nepal Embassy, Shivani Basnet signed corroboration for National NGO’s support during the crisis. Blankets, food items and tents were disseminated among the groups of tremor influenced individuals. These aid relief materials were sent to the Kathmandu established National Emergency Operation Center.

National NGO has a tie-up with AIIMS and has been actively engaged in enabling treatment for kids from BPL background, so that they can receive the proper reatment at the hospital. Recently, the NGO has helped 6 month old boy Sushant Kumar, 2 year old boy Deepak, 6 year old boy Rizwan, 2 year old boy Aditya Kumar and 7 year old girl Yashi Srivastava, to get treatment for Critical Congenital Heart Disease at AIIMS, New Delhi.

The NGO has also aided in the treatments of a 20 year old construction worker suffering from Cervical Spine Tuberculosis and 60 year old who was diagnosed with Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease.

National Public School at Bihar has also been opened by the NGO which is absolutely free of cost. Set up near Akbar Complex Village, Karmauni Post, Sahdeokhap at Dobhi Gaya, Bihar, the school is providing not only free education but also free books and stationery to its students. A noticeable start for the school was marked by a larger number of female students’ enrolments than male students.

The spokesperson for National NGO said, “The main aim of National Organisation for Social Empowerment (National NGO) is to uplift and empower the underprivileged. We are happy that we are making a difference and are thankful to all our supporters and donors.”

About National NGO

National NGO is a registered non profit, non government organization working extensively in the field of disability rehabilitation, HIV/AIDS awareness for prevention, care giving facilities to people suffering from such disease.

The main objective of the National Organisation for Social Empowerment is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management. Thus community participation, education, protection and promotion of environment and social capital are central to the activities of the organization.


4 thoughts on “National NGO helping the victims of Nepal earthquakes”

  1. Amita Thakur says:

    National Ngo is very helpful in any matter and helped various Nepal Earthquake’s
    victim. They provided them food, blankets , aid relief materials. Really they are doing very appreciative work.

  2. Ankit mehra says:

    Very much impress with the work of National Ngo. National Ngo is non profit organisation and always supports humanity and social empowerment. With the assistance of Nepal Embassy, National NGO helped the tremor influenced individuals and I support and appreciate them for their Good work.

  3. Neha Gupta says:

    National Ngo had not only distributed the blankets, tents, food and aids materials but
    they also provided medical facilities to the earthquakes victims. National Ngo has tied up with AIIMS And enabled for treatment for kids and injured victims.Best wishes to them as they are the helping hands for the society.

  4. Neil Rana says:

    I strongly support this Ngo and I have been associating with National ngo For
    Past 2 years. I always feel very happy to help the needy people and Felt very Reliefed by helping the Earthquake Victims of Nepal. National Ngo is the trustworthy Organistion and motivates people to do a worthy deed for our society. Happy to work with them.

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