National NGO helps differently abled in Nehru Camp

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Recently, a team of researchers from National Organization for Social Empowerment visited Nehru Camp to track the differently abled people and to observe the general living conditions of the area. Also called as National NGO, National Organization for Social Empowerment has been working actively for the upliftment of the society and provides special care and facilities to differently abled citizens.

For the people of Nehru Camp, life is far from normal with an open inefficient drainage system running alongside the cramped streets flocked with people. And the conditions are worse for the differently abled inhabitants of this place. Mohd. Umar, Preeti, Munni Devi, Shabana and Anas are enduring a tougher life on the accounts of their disabilities.

Umar, 28, suffers from locomotors disability and speech impairment disorder. Jaundice that struck Umar 3 days after his birth has left him like this, says his mother. This accident hasn’t deterred Umar from dreaming big and hoping for a better life. Preeti has a tumor on her back and chest. These even restrict her from walking. She is barely surviving through the hardships of life since her husband died 3 years ago.

Shabana, 24, is one girl who is suffering from joint problems that can be cured. But due to the expensive nature of the treatment, she is forced to live this life of trials and tribulations and work to contribute to the family income. Anas, a 6 year old kid is also forced to live with a curable ailment on the accounts of financial constraints. His knee problem is treatable but his family doesn’t have enough money for the same.

National NGO is working towards providing these people with necessary resources and reliefs. Amandeep Singh, Founder, National NGO says, “The people we came across in Nehru Camp are forced to live under terrible conditions. They don’t have access to the basic amenities. What worries us the most is the plight of the five differently abled people. With right resources and care, their life can be made so much better. We will do all in our might to help them.


National NGO , established in Feb 2012 is one of the well know “non-governmental organization” in India, which offer services for children with impairments.. The main objective of the National NGO is to facilitate better quality of life in all its realms through community mobilization, participatory governance based on sustainable natural resource management.

National NGO is running help centers in different places of India, as well as they are having centers in Tughlakabad where speech therapy, general OPD and physiotherapy center is run free of cost for people.It has recently started a Computer training Center for visually impaired students as well as children National NGO has contributed in critical situations like Natural disasters.

Recently National Organisation for social Empowerment Organised a 15 days self-defence Camp for women where Special unit of Delhi Police gave training.


2 thoughts on “National NGO helps differently abled in Nehru Camp”

  1. Bhupendar singh says:

    very Nice Work .I cant express how much i m surprised to know about your efforts.Good going National NGO.all the very best.

  2. Priyank Dutta says:

    Somebody has said that “Whatever you are,be a good one”.I think National ngo is totally following this phrase.The courage you are showing is unbeatable .Show the world a perfect example of kindness,empowerment,motivation .god bless you National NGO.

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