NIMS Chairman : More than 20% deaths caused by Heart Problems

Recently collected statistics clearly hold heart ailments responsible for more than 20% deaths in India. Ranking on top are coronary heart diseases. 20% of the total deaths in India are caused by coronary heart diseases. These figures are expected to escalate to a serious 34% by 2020. And much to the dismay, many youngsters are falling prey to such ailments. Dr. Balbir Singh Tomar, Chancellor, NIMS University, Jaipur, Rajasthan terms heart diseases as a matter that demands immediate attention as they kill a huge number of people all across the world.

He says, “ During my fellowship days in Kings College Hospital, Harvard Medical School and then in India, I have observed that patients think that obesity, diabetes and high cholesterol are the only causes of heart problems. Sadly, this isn’t true. There are factors like age, family history and even gender which elevate the risk of a heart disease. The only way to keep your heart fit is by keeping yourself healthy and undergoing regular tests to observe the heart condition. It is always wise to be proactive.”

Dr. Balbir S Tomar elaborates, “The way to avoid heart problems is by altering the lifestyle. Including a 30 minute walk everyday helps the heart valves to function better. This is extremely necessary owing to the current sedentary lifestyle. Most of the people spend good 8-9 hours in office sitting through the day. This increases the risk of heart problems by 34%. It is always recommended to take a 5 minute break after every 30-40 minutes. Walk a little in this break so as to improve the overall functioning of the body.Other than daily basic workout, diet plays an important role. Less intake of salt and fats substantially reduce the risk of a heart disease. Another important factor for a healthy heart is reducing mental stress and tension.”

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3 thoughts on “NIMS Chairman : More than 20% deaths caused by Heart Problems”

  1. Rishabh Dwivedi says:

    Information spread by Dr, Balbir Singh Tomar is useful for everyone….

  2. Naveen Tripathi says:

    Exactly……We are always running towards wealth and forget about health

  3. Antriksa Jaganarayan says:

    Thank you sir for sharing your learning experience with everyone………….Those working for 8-9 hours in office if adopt these tips will make their lifestyle better and healthy.I hope more people should adopt these tips.

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