An opportunity to end your March on a Happy note: Ultimate Jackpot by RummyCircle

RummyCircle Jackpot

Seizing the right opportunity at the right moment is something which every person looks after and RummyCircle is giving that opportunity to its loyal ones and to some interested ones, altogether. All those people have to do, is just log on to and get started with Ultimate Jackpot, which has been scheduled between March 27 and April 1. The starting of this April is no more a fool’s day for some, who you know where to go.

People, who play every day, will get a chance to qualify for the Jackpot Finale on the same day. Interested Online Rummy players have to log on to the website between 8:00 AM to 1:30 PM and play any of the Jackpot Qualifiers of the week, to get qualify for the Jackpot Finale on the same day, where numerous cash prizes are awaited. Then you have to register between 5:00 PM to 6:00 PM for the Jackpot Finale the same day, where you can win some cash prize up to Rs 20,000.

A card game freak, Ravindra Singh was excited while telling a concerned media person about his past and current experience with Ultimate Jackpot. Ravindra said, “I registered for this game on 28th of April, at no cost but couldn’t qualify for the jackpot finale. I registered next day and I did but didn’t win anything. I am registering today with escalated hopes to win something today, which I am sure that I will”. On asking how he developed craze for the game, the man replied in a composed manner, “My friends are usually busy and can’t catch me over a game of Indian Rummy, so I started playing the same on RummyCircle and I am glad that I chose this portal because of the awesome tournaments where I sharpen my card game skills. I won’t say that I am in love with it or something but I certainly like it a lot.”

If anybody is planning to try their luck or skills on RummyCircle, make sure you do it as per the provided guidelines to avoid any kind of violation of terms and conditions, which you need to go through before entering the Ultimate Jackpot.

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