Panacea Hospital Bangalore partners with eClinicalWorks for providing digital healthcare

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Panacea Hospital Bangalore has partnered up with eClinicalWorks in order to ensure digital healthcare in the hospital. eClinicalWorks is the global leader in providing digital healthcare solutions. The company originated in Westborough, USA, and has plans of expanding to Asia in order to provide healthcare IT solutions. The company has a keen focus on India as a prospective market and has partnered with Panacea Hospital Bangalore.

Operating since 1998, eClinicalWorks has established the largest cloud-based healthcare platform in the United States, delivering healthcare information technology solutions in the form of electronic patient medical records, population health and patient engagement tools for more than 1,15,000 doctors.

“We have dedicated our professional careers to improving the delivery of healthcare by providing technology and services to lower costs, reduce errors and enhance the quality of care,” said Girish Navani, CEO and co-founder of eClinicalWorks. “eClinicalWorks has built a successful infrastructure that has positively impacted care in the United States. As we look to expand, India offers appealing opportunities that are in line with our vision. We look forward to our continued work in this country, laying a technology foundation for healthcare organizations, offering their patients optimal care”, he added

Panacea Hospitals are setting new standards for friendly neighborhood healthcare services,” said Dr. Jayanna, Chairman and MD of Panacea Hospitals. “We searched for a cloud-based platform that could coordinate all areas of the hospital, from admissions to discharge and in-patient as well as out-patient departments. eClinicalWorks is the only service provider that could deliver a complete, end-to-end system, which will aid in improving our work flow and assist with enhancing care to our patients. After enjoying a smooth implementation, we are excited to partner with eClinicalWorks.”

eClinicalWorks plans to invest $30 million in this  expansion. This investment will build a similar cloud-based technology infrastructure in India, delivering digital healthcare for the following groups:

  • Hospitals:eClinicalWorks’ cloud-based Hospital Management Information System (HMIS) covers all aspects of hospital management, automating processes from patient registration through discharge. Emergency room services, documenting patient care, managing tests, blood banks and the surgical theatre are all covered. Hospitals can also manage human resources functions and payroll
  • Physicians:eClinicalWorks’ flagship, cloud-based patient medical records solution streamlines the doctor’s office and aims to improve the quality of care for thousands of organizations and can be accessed via computer, tablet or mobile device. It also aids with practice management and billing
  • Patients:Expanding communication between consumers and healthcare providers, including tele health visits, plays an important role in enhancing care. Advancing patient engagement can improve health outcomes and lay a foundation for many care coordination efforts. With more than 20 crore (200 million) patients’ records managed by eClinicalWorks’ technology worldwide, the company offers several tools for these initiatives, including mobile apps available on iOS and Android

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