Parsvnath Developers- Outcome of Circular resolution

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Parsvnath Developers Ltd has informed BSE that the Board of Directors of the Company, vide resolution passed by way of circulation, has appointed Ms. Deepa Gupta as an Additional Director on the Board of Directors of the Company with effect from March 30, 2015 who shall hold office upto the date of next Annual General Meeting of the Company. Further, her appointment as a Non-Executive Independent Director on the Board of Directors of the Company shall be recommended to the members of the Company for consideration in due course.




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2 thoughts on “Parsvnath Developers- Outcome of Circular resolution”

  1. Britny Brad says:

    i wish all the very best to Ms.Deepa Gupta for all her success.As a team she can bring in good changes to the overall performance of Parsvnath Developers.

  2. Ranpat krish says:

    Decision to appoint Ms.Deepa Gupta in the board of directors is a good move from the part of Parsvnath Developers

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