Top PR Blogs of 2018 that are worth a read!

Year 2018 is likely to surge out in the technological developments. Moreover, Public Relations (PR) works are expected to witness an overhaul. Evolving the marketing and technological trends becomes a must in this case. However, PR resources online can be bewildering it is in bulk.

PR Blogs of 2018

Extracting quality from quantity of PR resources online can actually be challenging. We brought you a list of the PR blogs of 2018 that you should consider. Take a look:

Brian Solis

Brian Solis’s blog is consistent in grabbing the top position. It discovers the connection between business, technology and culture. As an analyst, thinker and anthropologist, his workstudies the impacts of disruptive technology on business. His latest blog of 2018 explore the expertise gap and business future. Keeping the skills of selecting the most relevant topics for businesses, Solis keeps the professionals intact to his resources.

PR Daily

Basically a newswire for the PR industry,PR Daily is built by Lawrence Ragan Communications Inc. From conference alerts and social media to job alerts and PR in different industries, it deliversnumerousblogs covering a variety of different topics. Thisonline PR newspaper is structured in a way to assault your senses.This one is a good enough blog to get lost in.

Shift Communications

Shift keeps an integrated PR approach, which is taken to the public sphere with its latest blog of 2018. Gaining award-winning notice from across the industry, Shift Happens, its newsletter has already won a Gold Bulldog Award from
The best articles from the Shift Agency Blog offer tips on how to incorporate storytelling elements into day-to-day PR activities. These are combined with news, highlights of cool things Shift clients did that week and a clickbait article from a section called “The Big Idea.” Their most recent PR blog was “How to Face Down a Unicorn”.

6 A.M.

6 A.M. is a blog from world’s largest company in the world, Edelman. This becomes the reason for you to follow it. Another reason becoming the cherry on the cake is that every post comes directly from the CEO, Richard Edelman, himself. While most companies have few guest blogs from their CEO, 6 A.M. entries are purely the write-up of Richard Edelman.

Peter Shankman

This is the blog of a social media, marketing and public relations manager, Peter Shankman. He is a founder ofThe Geek Factory, which is a PR, social media, and marketing strategy firm in New York City. The ideas, creativity and energy of Peter seem endless. Always on, this man is worth reading. He is known for his dedication where he takes no break and misses no opportunity to learn. His PR blog of 2018 proves that spinning things into a valuable lesson is quite possible.
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