Prashant Desai – FTIL has full faith in judiciary

Prashant Desai, CEO & MD of FTIL, in his recent interview for CNBC TV-18 has claimed that accusations against FTIL are baseless and are incomplete or cropped truth.

FTIL, Financial Technologies

He says that the money trail is still not found by Enforcement Directorate to prove that NSEL is at fault then how could they even accuse FTIL for this matter. They first should gather evidence to support their statement and only then should’ve blamed the organization. According to Mr. Desai FTIL is still cooperating well with investigation agencies so that they could get at the root of the issue so that truth can finally be seen for what it is.

Prashant Desai says that rather believing these false leads and making judgments based on that; everyone should wait for a hearing of Mumbai high court and for their final honest judgment, He further assured that the group will abide by the law and go with every investigation because they respect the nation’s judiciary.


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