C3 Conference : Artemis Hospital doctors unravel the future of Angioplasty

Orlando, FL: Doctors from Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon, India garnered huge appreciation and applaud on the first day of the C3 Conference, after giving a live demonstration of advanced angioplasty techniques.
The Complex Cardiovascular Catheter Therapeutics Conference commenced on Tuesday in Orlando. Covering areas like interventional cardiology, vascular surgery, interventional radiology and atherosclerotic cardiovascular disease, the conference is a four-day event.

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Dr Manjinder Sandhu

Doctors from Gurgaon based Artemis Hospital, along with the Medical Director, Dr. Manjinder Sandhu, made use of a highly sophisticated Bio-absorbable Vascular Scaffold technology in their demonstration. The development of the procedure, which was conducted in the Cath Lab of Artemis Hosppital, was broadcasted live to the international conference.

A stent is a tiny, metal mesh tube that is inserted in the blocked artery during the angioplasty procedure. Stents were created to prevent the artery from collapsing after the blockage has been cleared. Conventionally, stents are of two types: bare metal stents and drug eluted stents. However, the latest technology includes the use of bio-absorbable stents.
A bio-absorbable stent is the one that could be absorbed by the body. Bio-absorbable stents have many benefits over the types of stents that were being used till now. They allow time for the artery wall to heal before being metabolized by the body and disappearing. These stents also prevent the growth of scar tissue within the stent – a problem sometimes posed by bare metal stents. In addition to these benefits, bio-absorbable stents hold out the promise of making long-term medical therapy to prevent blood clots forming inside the stent unnecessary.
The procedure rightly justified the theme of the conference – ‘Innovation: what to expect from the future technology’. Talking about the technology that was used in this demonstration, Dr Majinder Sandhu stated, “We have had large experience with the Absorb Scaffold (BVS) and have implemented close to 400 of them over the past two-and-a-half years. Currently, BVS is not available in North America and is slated to be launched in the US and Canada by the end of the year. This is an excellent opportunity to showcase the newest technology and our expertise to the cardiologists in the US.”

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