Born at 23 weeks, India’s youngest premature baby survives

A leading healthcare center in Artemis Hospital Gurgaon has restored faith of millions of people in good medicare by saving a baby born prematurely.

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At time of birth

Baby Taranum, described as #WonderBaby by the media was born at 23 weeks’ gestation in January 2017. Weighing barely 650 gms, she happens to be the most premature baby to survive in the country, without even a single blood transfusion. As per the doctors who nursed the child in the Neonate Intensive Care Unit (NICU) of Artemis Hospital, the baby was born without any major complication.

Taranum was put on ventilator for 15-20 days due to severe breathing issues, for her lungs were not developed completely. At present, all her vital organs are in perfect condition. The baby was hospitalized for four months and discharged in good health at the end of April.

The chances of survival depend on the time for which a premature baby stays in the womb. The more the time, the better the chances of survival are. As a matter of fact, a premature baby has hopes of surviving only if born at a gestational age of 24 weeks. Even in this case, the survival chances lie between 50-80 per cent. This clearly makes the survival of a preterm infant born at 23 weeks nothing less than a miracle, made possible by Artemis Hospital Gurgaon.

“Even developed countries would not revive babies premature than this, since the chances of survival and normal development are bleak. It is miracle even more surprisingly as apart from some expected respiratory issue, baby Taranum appears to be doing well; her prognosis is excellent.” said Dr Prabhat Maheshwari, Head of the Neonatal Intensive Care Unit at Artemis Hospital, Gurgaon.

Artemis Hospital, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon, Artemis Hospital Gurgaon Reviews

At time of discharge

Although discharged from the hospital, Taranum’s growth is being closely monitored by medics at Artemis.

In the words of Mohd Farhan, the father of baby Taranum, “The survival of his child survival is the testimony of his faith, the doctors’ skills and God’s blessings”

Expressing his gratitude, he further added, “I am extremely happy that she is fine and we are taking all measures to avoid any infection.”

Certainly, the parents couldn’t have hoped for more blissful moment than taking their bundle of joy home healthy. Such incredible stories of premature babies who survived, even when the hopes ceased to exist are nothing short of a miracle.


6 thoughts on “Born at 23 weeks, India’s youngest premature baby survives”

  1. Soni says:

    such a wonder.. Great job Artemis Hospital

  2. Sizen Khan says:

    Seriously amazing Artemis team. Congratulations for this and good luck for future.

  3. Naina Singh says:

    Wow. This is nothing short of a miracle. Kudos to the doctors of Artemis Hospital. They have showed that proper dedication can help in achieving anything. I wish the baby remains healthy for the rest of life.

  4. Nandu says:

    I want to congratulate the parents and the doctors of Artemis Hospital deserve a lot of appreciation. These things are rare and the best part is that it has happened in India. It is an example for all.

  5. Shruti Kulkarni says:

    Wonderful. Just look at the difference in the health of the child when he was born and at the time of discharge. This really shows how much effort have the doctors of Artemis Hospital put in. These doctors deserve awards.

  6. Dherendra Gupta says:

    felling so proud to know about Artemis Hospital success.

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