For all my precious buyers

logo-amrapaliA big hello to my all precious buyers

In view of the current market scenario and various problems that were beyond our control. Due to this, all renowned developers have been worst affected all across India. However, we are working day and night to complete all pending works to fulfill our commitments.

We are working day and night to complete all pending works to fulfill our commitments.

The things which are spreading through twitter are fully swayed from the real facts.

Had someone asked me before tweeting to Mr. Dhoni?

If someone asked me before posting tweets then I would have clarified them that he had a clear message for us, I am not interested in my endorsement fee, please complete the promises of the buyers.

It is important to give this information to all of our precious buyers that no fee has been paid to him since last two years. His generous to dedicate his personal benefit in favour of consumers and we are also looking at our vision to give possession to our buyers at the earliest possible.

– Dr. Anil Kumar Sharma

  CMD, Amrapali Group


10 thoughts on “For all my precious buyers”

  1. Dharmendra Singh says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma, It’s good to see your response after long. We always saw you on TV discussion and praising Amrapali all around. As a buyer believe me I bought flat with Amrapali after seeing the market repo and work in other projects in 2009/2010. Now the facts has changes and we all see how serious you are about repo when your projects rates are less than 1000 PSF compare to other projects like Mahagun, Gaur etc.

    You taking abt taking concerns from you before twitting Dhoni ? Have you ever take any concerns from buyes before raising FAR or not doing any work in many of the projects. It was the biggest mistake booking a flat in Amrapali. You keep launching the projects but not doing any work on existing. I am not sure how long you as a group will survive like this. We saw Amrapali going on same track like Malya, Jaypee because your project engineers are saying there is no fund to continue work. We visited the site and even after delay of more than 3 yrs we saw no labor or work progress. In last 6 years my flat is still at 6th floor, realy you see as a progress ? Rather than focusing so much on media image try to work at ground level so that Amrapali market image can positive.

    Where Gaur, Supertech etc are giving the possession where you are for deramvalley, terrace homes etc project. No where.

    So better to focus on delivery because as buyers are frustated and we have no money to spend on personal needs because of Amrapali.

    Happy to discuss more.

    A frustrated Amrapali customer.

    • Nitish Parate says:

      Anilji … Kahi AC room se nickel kar site pe visit kar lo hakikat pata Chal jayeegi …. Contractors not paid hence shortage of material and labour…Frequently change of management people to divert customer issues …Very few worker working in site….From last 6 months UPVC vendor and Wardrobe vendor not supplying material to silicon city beAcuse…Do you feel it is fault of vendors … We did 100% Payment, then should not be question of delay…. You diverted money to election and hence issue begins…Solely you are responsible and can’t run away

  2. Ajay Kumar says:

    It is very frustrating to see half completed project after 7 years and still no work going on over site. This clearly show builder is making fool.

    • Smriti Seth Chhabra says:

      Dear Mr Sharma

      Facts indicated by You in this article for your prestige buyers are distorted. Mail and all possible communication forms are unanswered by your Team – be it legal, marketing , sales or CCR. Buyers are not informed about the delay in possession of their legally paid Investments

  3. Devendra sharma says:

    I booked in 2009. Amrapali owner is saying after 7 yrs that he is trying hard. Bhai paiir utne hi pasarne they jitni chadar h. Ab to penalty deni bhi band h since oct 2013. Now there is no ngt or any issue eother.
    I booked for my old parents. Sharmaji mera zodiac b tower flat kisi doosre ready to move in m hi shift kar do.

  4. Dipak Rathod says:

    It would have been better if your reply had concerns for your customers than for Dhoni. We all love dhoni and are not blaming him. You are happy that Dhoni has not taken money since 2 years for endorsement. But think once, you have taken all 100% hard earned money against our booked flats and never delivered. We love Dhoni as he is doing his best at his job. But think where you are standing. So be concerned for your image and Amrapali as a brand and disclose your efforts to deliver flats. Where the money has gone collected by your fu*k*g mission completion and what you have to say for them..

  5. Vishal Sethi says:

    Mr. Anil Sharma, If you are not aware let me tell you the fact, that you and your company has lost faith of buyers. These statements just to defend Dhoni are not going to help you. What may help in saving your and Amrapali’s image is some real action at every project you own.
    Do you think that any of potential buyer would invest in your projects. If yes, then Pease put off the black glasses that you might have worn.
    All we need is our flat. 6 years of waiting is a long long time. If you really want to do something, then instead of such illogical press releases share the road map and plan of how you are supposed to complete work in all your projects.

    Were you ever available for a meeting with buyers, When you were asked 100 times to meet us and respond to our queries regardimg delay in project….NEVER, and now you are talking about meeting/asking you before tweeting Dhoni.
    WE ARE VERY DISAPPOINTED TO SEE THIS PRESS NOTE OF YOURS. Stop taking your buyers for granted. Amrapali is not because of you, it is because of all the buyers who entrusted you.
    The only way for you to regain trust is COMPLETE YOUR PROJECTS

  6. Shailendra Gupta says:

    It was the biggest mistake to book in flat in amrapali Silicon city , sector 76, noida. Amrapali is selling Dream house which we will get only in dreams. Others builders doen’t have any problem only Amrapali has problems?

  7. Puneet Dhingra says:

    Dear Mr. Sharma
    I have sent you multiple mails in the last 2 years and haven’t got reply to single mail till date. On requesting for a meeting i have bluntly been told NO.
    I was to get possession in Jun 2012 for Amrapali Zodiac. Till date i have got neither the possession nor any compensation.
    I have been visiting R tower Zodiac for last 6 years. Since last 3 years there has been no work done on that tower. How are you claiming that you are working day and night. Its a false statement. You are bluffing the public again.

  8. Abhinav Lal says:

    Dear Sir
    Please do some rigorous site visits yourself. And if you still have any doubts about the incompetencey of delivering the projects then please hire a major research firm for a third party inspection.
    I feel that you are unaware of the ground reality of your projects. Please do a site visit ASAP.
    And then share your feedback on Twitter and Facebook. And please add photographic evidences to support your feedback.
    Sir, also let us know how many projects does Amrapali have in Noida and Greater Noida West and how many are 100% operational.

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