Billionth meal celebration with Javed Akthar and Shankar Mahadevan


Javed Akhtar and Shankar Mahadevan have composed a track for The Akshaya Patra Foundation. The song conveys the aim, vision and mission of the organization loud and clear. It is composed especially on the occasion of Akshaya Patra completing its billionth meal. It is a powerful message stressing on the values which should be cultivated by everyone and the importance of ensuring good education for all. The loyal patrons of Akshaya Patra; Narayan Murthy, Chairman Emeritus, Infosys Limited, and Sudha Murty, Chairperson of the Infosys Foundation will release the track in Bangalore on 5th August 2012.

The track has a pleasing melody with powerful lyrics. It is sung flawlessly by Shankar and the chorus is added in the sweet melodious voice of children. The video covers the locales of Rajasthan and leaves a powerful impact on the viewers.

Talking about the composition of song and expressing happiness over completion of the billionth meal, Madhupandit Dasa, Chairman, The Akshaya Patra Foundation, said “Serving a total of billion meals in a decade is indeed a joyous occasion for us. With support from Government, donors, well wishers we have built this organisation’s success story. Shankar’s song and Javedji’s lyrics perfectly encompass the essence of Akshaya Patra’s aspirations.  We are very happy they have associated with us.”

Shankar Mahadevan appreciated the noble cause of eradicating hunger among children of Akshaya Patra Foundation.  He said, “Akshaya Patra is fulfilling a very vital need among children and the cause is very close to my heart. I am very happy to join their efforts. The best way I can do that is by using the powerful medium of music. I hope that this song will touch many hearts and make a difference to millions of children in the years to come.”


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