Phase One- Anuppur Thermal Power project, commissioned by Hindustan Powerprojects

The Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects, Ratul Puri expressed his thoughts on the fresh commissioning of the projectsThe financial year 2015-16 ended on a happy note for people of Madhya Pradesh along with the leading power giant, Hindustan Powerprojects Pvt Ltd, as the latter recently commissioned the first phase of its 2520 MW Thermal Power project in Anuppur district of the state, where the commissioned phase has a total production capacity of 1200 MW.

With the total cost of Rs 8,000 crores, the phase one was launched on March 30, 2016. The Anuppur Thermal power project is located near the coal mines of SECL/CIL, which is a huge attraction for the stakeholders as well. The direct connectivity of the project with the National Grid/ISTS, will help in enhancing the reliability and economy of the project along with minimizing the system losses. Subsequently, it will be a smooth process for the concerned authorities.

The Chairman of Hindustan Powerprojects, Ratul Puri expressed his thoughts on the fresh commissioning of the projects, where he told a concerned media person, “India is going through a phase where a lot is being done by the Union Government of India to address the peak power deficit by way of upward revising the Renewable energy target and taking action to address the stress in the sector. In this scenario, commissioning of 1200 MW thermal asset is a big boost to address the base load requirement in the country and the Government’s vision to provide power to all by 2019. As the bulk of infrastructure needs of phase 2 (2 X 660 MW) of the project has been secured, the same should be constructed out within next four years at an investment of INR 9000 crores. ”

On the other hand, the President of Thermal Operations at Hindustan Power, Raghav Trivedi talked about the project being one of the first thermal plants in India, which is operating at 100% availability for last 5 months of the FY15-16. He said, “Considering the focus on efficiency and achieving maximum results in the minimum time, the engineering and construction team innovated to ensure synchronization and coal firing process was achieved was achieved in a day.  The commissioning with all the systems in place for the commercial operations was achieved on 30th March within two weeks of the first synchronisation against three months of the industry norm. We acknowledge the passion with which both the central government and State government along with local bureaucracy supported the project towards its commissioning.”

Ratul Puri also informed that the project will be developed in two phases. Phase one, with the 1,200 MW (2 x 600 MW) capacity, was commissioned recently and phase two, with the 1,320 MW (2 x 660 MW) capacity, will be commissioned in approaching 4 years, with the cost of Rs 9,000 crores


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