Rajasthan celebrates its IT Day 2016 with JECRC students

JECRC Celebrated Rajasthan IT Day

Government of Rajasthan (GoR) solemnized an event in Birla Auditorium in order to celebrate Rajasthan IT Day on March 21, 2016 by virtue of promoting IT startups in the state. As Startups have given a new dimension of growth to our country, GoR acknowledged the impetus driven by small technology-driven entrepreneurship, contributing in generating employment and revenue inception. As the aim was to develop an ecosystem where main concern would be given to startups incubation and their growth, Jaipur Engineering College and Research Centre (JU) found participation in this event necessary.

The program was concluded in the presence of all elites within a jam-packed hall which was honored by the presence of senior representatives of Government of India and Government of Rajasthan; representatives of Startup India; members of Rajasthan Venture Capital fund; officers of Government of Rajasthan, specifically Department of Industries, BIP, Finance Department, Department of Information Technology & Communication; various startups from the State, venture capitalists, hedge fund investors, IT industrialists and a group of 50 student/entrepreneurs representing JU, who were special invitees in the summit.

Amit Agarwal, Vice Chairman, JECRC has always believed in new ideas and innovation whilst harnessing the energy that lies within, also affirmed this event as a platform for exhibiting dexterity and expertise in front of scholars and masters of the field as it was an opportunity for aspiring technocrats to learn different concepts yet defer to new prospects in fields of science and technology on account of performance and dedication, which has always been the soul of JU.


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