Ratul Puri’s take on Solar tariffs and Hydro Projects in India

Ratul Puri, Chairman, Hindustan Power Projects gave his views in renewable energy sectors of the country. One of the leading player of Indian Energy Sector today Ratul Puri, Chairman, Hindustan Power Projects gave his views in renewable energy sectors of the country. He enunciated about his plans in next five years for his company where he foresees the development of remaining thermal capacity towards which the priority is plant in Madhya Pradesh followed by Chattisgarh asset.

He discussed about the correction of solar tariffs in the range of 10% as the company has stepped back from the solar market over the last few months basis aggressive lowering of charges. His opinions over grid strengthening were overwhelming that he explains illustratively id est if demand is in South India but if solar generation exists in Rajasthan, in case the way of evacuating that power misses, the northern grid or Rajasthan may witness instability. Yet if the transmission is strengthened then PAN India potential market may emerge resulting in reduced instability. He further explained that grid management is a concern area though not unmanageable.

On being asked about hydro projects being an issue in this country due to infrastructural terms, has he ever faced same, he replied, “some of the run-of-the-river hydro projects are typically built out in mountainous regions and a lot of the incremental hydro potential of this country is situated in the northeast. Certainly there are infrastructural issues in access to sites ability to bring construction material, equipment and most importantly the ability to evacuate power. So it is certainly an area of concern, hence a significant level of investment is required to be done by the developer in building out the requisite enabling infrastructure to actually go out and build the asset.”

Since Ratul Puri is going to continue investigating the hydro aspects, the company is waiting for the policy announcements from the government as it has two hydro assets ready to build and intend to take them onto construction side post policies are effective into framework as the two hydro assets totals to about 550 odd megawatts.


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