Selecting the right developer is the most crucial decision while investing in a property’: Ravi Group

Ravi group, one of the leading realty entities focuses on the importance of selecting the right developer while investing in a property. The choice of developer is one of the most crucial decisions to be made while buying a property. It is important as people usually invest in a property once or twice in their lifetime and spend their hard earned resources. It also involves home loans with heavy EMIs that go on for around 15-20 years. Thus, it becomes important to ensure the credibility of the developer before investing in a property whether it is residential, commercial or industrial. Dealing with a reputed developer ensures that your money is in safe hands and the construction process is carried out legally by obtaining all the necessary approvals from the concerned authorities.
Ravi Group states that it is vital to consider the past records and reputation of developers before investing in their projects. Gaurav Shah, Director Sales and Marketing, Ravi Group said that, “For reputed developers, credibility is the key to their brand recognition. A reputed developer obviously scores over a fly-by-night developer terms of experience and delivery. The risk reduces if the developer is a prominent and a trusted one, with many successfully completed projects to his credit, besides being financially sound.” He further added that, “Every residential and commercial building needs varieties of permission from local and government bodies. Reputed developers will make sure that their projects have all the required certificates and necessary permissions required by the local authorities and hence the incidence of gross defaulting on promises is less than 10%,”

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  • john

    Ravi developers are doing worthful or not. Pls give advice as i wish to invest there

    • Ritikakaur

      Ravi Developers is the famous and reputed builders even my siblings have bought the flat from Ravi group developers. They have handover several constructed houses to buyers.

  • Snadeepupd

    Selecting the right developer is the most crucial decision while investing in a property, true line i meant it

    • Aravmalhotra

      If you something better then please explain it in brief. Some of my siblings wish to purchase from Ravi developers and builders.

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