Relief India Trust to run campaign for an eco-friendly Diwali

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With the festival of Diwali just a few days away, NGO Relief India Trust plans on celebrating the festival in a different style. While the markets remain flooded with consumers exuding the spirit of festivity and buying crackers, sweets and gifts, RIT is celebrating Diwali in its usual calm manner. Just like last year, and many years before, Diwali celebration at Relief India Trust for this year would be simpler and eco friendly. There would not be any bursting of crackers and other unnecessary expenses but all the resources would be optimally used. Children would celebrate the festival of Diwali in its true essence.

Relief India Trust to run campaign for an eco-friendly Diwal

Relief India Trust to run campaign for an eco-friendly Diwal

A spokesperson for Relief India Trust says, “ Diwali at Relief India Trust is always celebrated with great enthusiasm. Children are already excited for the festival. Even though a few wanted to burst a few crackers this year, they no more want to do that in the wake of rampant air pollution in Delhi. Instead, the children want to plant saplings.”

She elaborated, “   The kids would of course light up ‘diyas’ and would be treated to sweets and other food delicacies, yet the primary concern would be to organize an eco-friendly Diwali.”

A member at RIT said, “ We want to urge people to burst less of crackers. There are so many ways people can help the poor and needy by saving money spent on crackers. People can donate food and clothes to the under privileged. Best would be if they offer gifts to the street kids. We urge people to celebrate an eco-friendly Diwali. Relief India Trust would also be running a few campaigns to promote the same.”

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