Ruby Hall Clinic Is Awarded By IGBC Leed India Gold Rating

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Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie, is a boutique hospital with high end medical facilities clubbed with support services for the care and comfort of the patient. It has turned out as a leader in energy conservation. Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) is a set of rating systems for the design, construction, operation and maintenance of Green Buildings. A Green Building is any building that, relative to a normal building –

a) Uses energy, water and other resources efficiently

b) Enhances occupant health and productivity and

c) Reduces waste, pollution and environmental degradation.

Based on LEED, Green Buildings score points that rate them as Certified, Silver, Gold and Platinum. Ruby Hall Wanowarie focused on 42 specific actions in the areas of Sustainable Sites, Water Efficiency, Energy & Atmosphere, Materials & Resources, Indoor Air Quality and Innovation in Design to get a Gold Rating.

Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic was delighted to receive this award, he said, “We have built Green Buildings as our contribution to the environment, right from designing the building. We are glad to achieve the same.” Various activities were undertaken by Ruby Hall Clinic under the Environment friendly concept like, use of ecologically friendly building materials, energy efficient building envelope optimizing the requirement for air-conditioning and lighting, real time monitoring and control of energy & environment parameters using state of art building management systems, 100% waste water treatment and re-use as well as 100% rainwater harvesting and 100% organic waste composting onsite.

Almost 60% of energy used in a hospital is actually for air conditioning and lighting. Existing hospitals can upgrade their air conditioning and lighting systems and save up to 25% of the energy spent therein with a payback period of under three years. Furthermore, they can install state of art building management systems to monitor, control and hence optimize energy costs through energy saving processes that are commissioned in such systems. Therefore, energy can be conserved, without impacting the core functioning of any medical equipment, especially lifesaving equipment. Ruby Hall Clinic, Wanowarie uses 44% less water as compared to a conventional building.

The LEED certificate officially recognizes Ruby Hall Clinic as a leader in developing hospitals that blends super design for highest patient comfort and quality of care with an approach that is energy efficient, environmentally friendly and ecologically sustainable. Furthermore, Ruby Hall Clinic won 97% of the points it had applied for, which is a testimony to its detail in planning and commitment in execution.

Honeywell is the largest Energy Services Company in India. It works with commercial and industrial customers towards providing state of art energy efficient air conditioning and lighting systems as well as building management systems ; for both existing buildings (retrofit) as well as new buildings (design build). These systems are integral to actions needed to make a building green and hence applicable for LEED Certification.

Honeywell works with Ruby Hall in-

  1. Providing design inputs to make a building green

2.  Supply, Install, Test and Commission systems that are linked to green building certification

3.  Driving the certification process

4.  Manage the building over its entire life cycle so as to ensure optimal performance

LEED is a global certification methodology. Specifically the LEED India Rating system has been licensed by the United States Green Building Council or USGBC to the Indian Green Building Council or IGBC to encourage the development of more green buildings. Ruby Hall Clinic is the first hospital to receive this award in Pune. Ruby Hall Clinic is only the third hospital (group) in India to receive such an award.

Mr. Bomi Bhote, CEO, Ruby Hall Clinic, also informed that Ruby Hall Clinic devises amenities like electric vehicles; LED based lighting, rain water harvesting, social responsibility towards Pune, thermal sensors.



Ruby Hall Clinic had a humble beginning when the founder chairman Dr. K.B. Grant, an eminent cardiologist himself, started a small nursing home in 1959 in the bungalow Ruby Hall, owned by General David Sassoon at the present location of the hospital with just two beds. In 1966 it was converted from a private institution to a public charitable trust – Poona Medical Foundation. It was later converted to the Grant Medical Foundation in 2000. Today Ruby Hall Clinic boasts of 550 inpatient beds including 130 intensive care beds; with staff strength of 150 consultants, 500 panel doctors and 1400 paramedical staff.

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