Rummy Circle emerging as sunshine amongst disparate darkness

Rummy Circle

With beyond 500 million players on board, the challenge to provide interface, where play with ease is a priority, is vigorous for Play Games 24X7 team yet the company has undertaken substantive efforts to ensure the buttonholes are surpassed with tranquility.

The company made its debut with the launch of Ultimate Teen Patti in June 2015 and was the highest grossing Indian app on the Google Android Play Store by the end of the year. According to Bhavin Pandya, Co-CEO, Play Games24×7 Pvt. Ltd, the success reason for Rummy Circle is the vision that every products development plan integrate owing to wealth of data, company maintains for its players.

The skilled analysts work day & night to identify techniques for processing disorganized data and elicit actionable results. Pandya told a concerned media authority, “The Marketing department at RummyCircle has a team dedicated to analyzing data and using predictive analytics to mold player behavior. This has led to a culture in the team which treats marketing as much as a science as an art. The data-driven insights do not substitute the creativity that has traditionally driven marketing decisions, they feed into it.”

Supposedly, if the user has made his first visit to the website then he would come across only relevant promotional offers due to an automated system marketing team has tailored for different segments of visitors.

With the swing in high tech Smartphone, gaming apps has become a rage. People tend to spend more time on gaming when it comes to kill time. Few may lose their convergence due to memory incapable devices. In such scenario, RummyCircle arranges to retain the gamers by providing special offers.

RummyCircle aims at retaining the most profitable player segment and its monetization to get an edge over its competitors.

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