Rummy Circle all geared up to publicize through television

Rummy Circle goes a step ahead with the launch of its new TV Commercial that unleashes the excitement and pleasure sought by a participant when he plays an online rummy game.

Rummy Circle all geared up to publicize through television
It enables gamers to play games either online or through mobile app. Ever since the company has come into existence, the number of players have increased dramatically. Thus to gain involvement of more people, Play Games 24X7 has switched to advertisement mode through television marketing. Play Games24x7 Co-Founder and Co-CEO Trivikraman Thampy in regard of this whirl, mentioned, “Rummy is known to be a mind game and a family game, but most people don’t realize how exciting and charged a  card game of Rummy can be, and that feeling is what we want the viewers to take away from this new TVC.” Furthermore, the TV campaign is made in five languages such as English, Hindi, Telugu, Tamil and Kannada.
The aim of the company with the TV commercial is to explain the audience that anxiety sensed by a person while playing at Rummy Circle is no less than out of the world experience. In this regard, Thampi said, “We wanted this TVC to capture that adrenaline rush and thrill in a symbolic way by comparing it to the kind of excitement one would feel if they were flying through the air with turbocharged booster jetpacks,”, a division of Play Games24x7 proposes 13 Card Rummy game on each kind of devices i.e. android mobiles, iOS mobiles, tablets, desktops and laptops. Also, the company overtures the engaging interface that implicates supreme quality graphics. It also ensures the most integrated security systems on each gizmo to arrange hassle free gaming practice.

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