Shukaku Inc: Karate-do Shotokan Competition

Cambodia Karate-do Shotokan Academy organized the 2015 National Karate-do Shotokan Competition. The competition was held from 22nd to 24th May, 2015 at the National Olympics Stadium and was inaugurated by Dr. SokSiphana.More than 600 Karatekas of 23 clubs from Kandal, Siem Reap, Kampong Cham, Sihanouk Ville and Phnom Penh participated in the competition. Once again, Phnom Penh City Center was a major sponsor for this event. More than 400 bag packs and stationery items were distributed among participants by PPCC

 Mr. Lionel Tay in his speech said, “Phnom Penh City Center was conceptualized to transform Phnom Penh’s city landscape into a modern business and leisure hub with world class infrastructure and amenities. It is aimed at creating a new urban identity, set a benchmark standard for future sustainable and smart developments and create a modern, feasible, green and accessible city center. Through the implementation new facilities and spaces, this development will create opportunities for the growth of commerce, culture, arts and sports. It will serve as a new attractive and vibrant urban center for quality working, living and leisure”.

Lionel Tay added, “Phnom Penh City Center believes in integrating quality living with sports. One is never too young or too old to indulge in any kind of sports. PPCC is delighted to once again support the Cambodia Karate-do Shotokan Academy (Karate Academy) in promoting this highly discipline sport. We see young children being involved in Karate. This is indeed very encouraging because only through passion and discipline can one succeed in life. It is also with the hope that future generations will strive harder in their chosen sport to excel and make themselves, their families and their communities and the Country proud”.


About Shukaku Inc :

Shukaku Inc.  is the owner of Phnom Penh City Center, the masterdeveloper of a new township in the heart of Phnom Penh

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2 thoughts on “Shukaku Inc: Karate-do Shotokan Competition”

  1. rohit says:

    It can be strange for many people to know that a real estate company has organized design competition. But i found it quite innovative idea for the youth of the country.

  2. chann says:

    Design & Win Competition has to be a hit. Kindly upload more videos and images related to the competition.

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