featured in FT’s 100 fastest growing companies in Asia

According to the annual FT 1000: High-Growth Companies Asia-Pacific Report, Smart Owner, India’s largest marketplace for property investors, is among the 100-fastest growing companies in the entire Asia-Pacific region. Curated in the year2012, Smart Owner allows High Networth Individual (HNI)s and other investors to be a part of exclusive realty opportunities available online. The fastest-growing Fintech company in the Indian subcontinent, it is based out of Singapore.

Smart Owner aims to bring about a change in the process of profiting from India real estate and make it as simple as investing in the stock market. The company carefully sources, audits and funds the most lucrative real estate opportunities. It also negotiates arrangements with top most real estate developers in the rapidly growing markets. It is these deals that are presented to the Smart Owners clientele, who then participate in some of the best opportunities online. The company also has a property resale division to easily liquidate an asset owned by a client.

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A part of the Indian growth story, Smart Owner’s ranking should not come as a surprise to the ones who have been following the company’s steady progress from the past decade. Talking about GDP growth, India leads all the nations with a remarkable growth of 17% in the last financial year. Projected to be one of the fastest-growing economy for many years to come, it is expected to be the world’s third largest economy by 2028.

About Smart Owner:
Smart Owner is India’s largest marketplace which lists opportunities that are not available in the general market. An organization founded by Silicon Valley experts, the company provides savvy investors with opportunities that are high value. With an aim to unscramble the investment process and bring it down to people and not just large financial institutions, the company gives due diligence to each listing and verifies its specifications according to market trends.

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