Tej Tadi highlights MindMaze break into unicorn club as Hinduja Group buys stake

India-born neuroscientist Tej Tadi is an epitome of success and hardwork.  He is among those who believe they have the answer. He is the founder and CEO of MindMaze, which he started in Switzerland four years ago, and vaulted it into unicorn territory — startups worth $1 billion or more

Talking about MindMaze, Mr. Tadi stated that “MindMaze wants to become the (top) neuro-medical device company in the world. Our big vision is five years from now every device should have a MindMaze chip in it. The chip computes the world like your brain does more intuitively. You think of something and that would happen through the software.”

Two weeks ago, MindMaze sold less than a third of the startup for a valuation of more than $1 billion to Hinduja Group entity. The company’s previous funding was in 2012 when it raised $10 million from Swiss and European Union grants, foundations and angel investors, valuing the company at $100 million, making for a 10-fold spike in four years.

As the Hinduja Group is hoping to put resources into new wilderness advances as a component of its worldwide development and extension arrangement, it has discovered it advantages to consolidate its own particular natural qualities with innovation pioneers who have made endeavors with a cutting edge vision,” said a Hinduja representative. Tadi, conceived in a group of doctors in Hyderabad, has put in the most recent 10 years working with patients experiencing diverse neurological shortages, helping schizophrenic, stroke and amputee patients overcome program deficits and apparition pain. As a component of his doctoral studies, he had set up a lab to consolidate movement catch, three-dimensional criticism and cerebrum imaging that managed to MindMaze.

“I believe Mindmaze technology will be adopted by all facilities that focus on stroke rehabilitation,” said Barry W Wilson, chairman, Mind-Maze SA.

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