Top Marketing and Communication posts of year 2017

Year 2017 has been for marketing and PR professionals. Let’s have a look at the most notable trends of the previous year:

  • Live streaming saw massive growth, with huge potential audiences on social media such as Facebook, YouTube and Twitter.
  • We all were reminded why crisis PR is still incredibly important by United Airlines.
  • With 89 percent of marketing/communications professionals earned media has become increasingly important. They claim to use it to fulfill their demand generation goal of driving brand awareness.
  • With the number of platforms and agencies in the space, growth of influencer marketing has been increasing by 220 percent in past two years.
  • The need of marketers to get better results in a number of different ways was made easier by artificial intelligence.

Reflecting on the previous year, let’s have a look at the top 10 posts from 2017 for your reading pleasure.

Marketing and Communication posts of year 2017

Top Marketing and Communication posts of year 2017

  1. Top Radio Stations of the U.S.

Good old fashion terrestrial radio is still hugely important, despite the availability of streaming music services like Apple Music and Spotify. Radio can be the way to go, if you have an event or celebrity to promote in a major media market.

  1. Social Media as used by Successful Journalists

Social media has been increasingly used by journalists. In fact, reports say that 73 percent of journalists use social media for their daily work.

  1. Template + 2018 Content Calendar

Content calendars have been earning a ton of page views last year. Moreover, it is recommended to use included template to plan out content calendar for the rest of the current year.

  1. Measuring Earned Media

The industry has been plagued by the inability to accurately measure the impact of public relations. Companies like Cision are offering the technology to measure PR campaigns. From awareness to conversion all can be asserted in advance.

  1. Writing a Press Release that Converts

An amazing way to get your news out there is Press releases. Moreover, they’re a significant part of any marketing strategy. Moreover PR also helps in generating leads!

  1. Make Amazing Instagram Posts

Emerging as an amazing tool for marketers, Instagram is bit challenging for its mobile-only using property. However, Jim Dougherty came up with a convenient guide on how to make an Instagram post on a desktop.

  1. Changing Your Marketing Strategy

Statistics say that 75 percent of marketers plan to increase the PR spend over the next five years. The earned media is changing the marketing strategies of the organizations.

  1. Improve the Social Media Targeting

It is important for any communications professional to get the most out of social media campaigns. One can get more bang for their buck by selecting the right targeting parameters.

  1. Use Google Docs with WordPress

There is not much to say as the title says it all. Using Google Docs with WordPress can help one make the most of both.

  1. Re-imagine The Press Release

Sending a press release is a great way to get the news out for your company. However, if they’re using the same irking templates, chances are that no one is going to care. Boosting up the press releases is necessary to earn more attention.

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