Biology and chemistry help understand naturopathy, says Urvashi Gandhi

Naturopathy is no less of a science than biology and chemistry. Naturopathy in fact bases itself in a deep understanding of the body (biology) and about the basic elements of nature (chemistry). Naturopath Urvashi Gandhi believes that a deep knowledge of your body and of the elements of nature can help one learn naturopathy much quicker.

Urvashi Gandhi Naturopathy

Urvashi Gandhi, besides being a doctor of naturopathy, teaches biology and chemistry to students. The naturopath believes in a firm relationship among the sciences of biology, chemistry and naturopathy. Besides helping her students with a textbook learning of these subjects, Urvashi goes a step ahead by teaching them the naturopathy basics.

Urvashi Gandhi

Association of Accredited Naturopathic Medical Colleges states that there are six basic principles in Naturopathy which are as follows:

  • Belief in the natural healing powers and tendency of the body to heal
  • Identifying underlying causes which are beyond symptoms
  • Using most natural ways to treat
  • Helping patients maintain a good health by teaching them natural ways
  • Understanding body as a combination of physical and spiritual aspects
  • Focusing on overall well being and primarily prevention

Naturopathy is a science that focuses on the idea of healing through nature. Urvashi believes that one is predisposed to be healthy. Naturopathy is only embossing that tendency of the body to heal. Urvashi helps her students understand and apply these basics of naturopathy by teaching them the functionality of the body and chemical nature of every living thing.

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