Volunteers register with Relief India Trust in large numbers

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Volunteers register with Relief India Trust in large numbers

Volunteers register with Relief India Trust in large numbers

In the wake of the efforts taken by Relief India Trust towards betterment of the society on various fronts, a large number of volunteers have been getting associated with the NGO. What started as an NGO a few years ago with a handful of volunteers is seeing active participation by the youngsters.

A member of the Relief India Trust said, “the number of people wanting to join this NGO is huge. We have been getting a pretty inspiring response from the youngsters who want to become a volunteer with the NGO. These youngsters are driven by their conscience to make a contribution towards the society. They are bringing with them an entirely different level of energy along with great ideas for the betterment of the society. The young guns have been trying to amalgamate the workings of Relief India Trust with technology to help serve more people.”

The NGO has kept a specific procedure for taking volunteers which is fairly simple. A volunteer just has to get in touch with the NGO’s Volunteer Actions Coordinator and rest will be handled by the NGO.

“A volunteer needs to share the area of interest and other contact details. They can approach us through phone or e-mail us. We train our volunteers properly so that their services can be more effective for the needy. Regular workshops and orientations are held to ensure this. We believe that even minor initiatives from by our volunteers can help make a life better. Our volunteers teach poor kids, interact with physically and mentally differently abled children with compassion and care. It is not just one person but an organization as a whole that can bring about magnanimous changes.”

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