WWICS Organizes Free Seminars on Immigration to Canada, USA, Australia and New Zealand

Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. (WWICS), world’s largest Canadian immigration company has now opened its doors for immigration not just to Canada but also to United States, New Zealand and Australia. WWICS is organizing free seminars ‘GLOBAL AVENUES 2003‘ where the immigration aspirants for Independent Class like professionals and skilled workers, Business Category and Student Visa would be counseled.

Col. BS Sandhu and his team of experts in different places nation-wide have already started conducting ‘Global Avenues 2003’ commencing from 6th November 2002 covering Dubai and Abu Dhabi as well. These seminars would throw light on the demography of the lucrative destinations, their ever-changing economic scenario and their impact on new immigrants. WWICS had provided immigration to thousands of professionals, now happily settled in Canada.

WWICS specializes in Independent category immigration, where the professionals with education and work experience, find work abroad and make a home as permanent residents in these countries. WWICS and its associate companies strive to provide the best settlement services and placement assistance besides immigration.

WWICS has commenced business immigration for USA, Australia and New Zealand besides its expertise for Canada. The business environment in these highly advanced and industrialized countries is very friendly, but of course professional guidance in setting up a business, preparing a business plan for submission to the authorities, arranging finances and getting tie-ups is required. Their business environment is relatively different from the Asian markets. The main objective of business immigration is to promote and facilitate the immigration of experienced business persons from the native land who will make a positive contribution to the foreign economy. The business immigration program mainly encompasses three types of categories like the Agriculturists, Entrepreneurs, Self Employed Persons and Investors.

With the Indian wishing to be a part of global market ‘Global Avenues 2003’ will also be of great help preparing the learners for grabbing the potential and opportunities, which the western education can provide to the students who aspire to venture for overseas education. These countries promise to make the dreams come true for people who have a determination to prove their mettle in life. Worldwide Immigration Consultancy Services Ltd. (WWICS), world’s largest Immigration and Settlement Company have embarked in the field of student’s visa and work permits in US, Australia and New Zealand as well besides Canada. Counseling would be given to the students who wish to go abroad as foreign students need student visas to study in the country. With the right guidance, training, education and skills, job prospects are bright in all professions in these western countries.

Canadian standard of education is considered to be the best in the whole world. WWICS in its joint venture with the Georgian College, Ontario has brought a lucrative opportunity of getting Canadian education here in Mohali, India as Canadian Institute of International Studies also known as CICST was established to provide international quality education to the students here in India. That can further help them in transferring to Canada to pursue further studies in various other programs.

These seminars are being jointly addressed by Col. BS Sandhu, Chairman & Managing Director, WWICS, world renowned expert on professional and Business Immigration alongwith Mr. Curtis Panke, Director, Global Placement Services, Canada. Mr. Curtis Panke has expertise in settlement services for new immigrants in Canada. Mr. JS Ahluwalia, Vice President, Business Immigration is providing guidance for the same, Shaun Kerrigan, eminent expert in New Zealand and Australia immigration, Bob Fernwick, Lawyer, handling New Zealand immigration and Sam Bhatti, specializing in US immigration are also available in the seminars for their expert guidance to the prospective immigrants.

Global Avenues 2003 Seminars have already been held at Pune on 6th and 7th November, Mumbai on 7th, 8th and 13th November, Vadodara on 9th November, Ahmedabad on 10th November, Surat on 11th November, while the seminars will be held in Abu Dhabi on November 14th November and in Dubai on 15th November, 2002.



WWICS, the brain child of Lt. Col. B S Sandhu (Retd.), has been reigning the Immigration industry by dispensing Global Resettlement Solutions to over 1,00,000 clients who have found a happy living in some of the most privileged countries like Canada, USA, UK, Europe, Australia and New Zealand. Over the years, the WWICS Group of Companies has diversified and has spread its roots in immigration, settlement, placement, strategic business consultancy, real estate, higher education, hospitality and golf.

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